Natural Penis Enlargement and Penis Surgery.

natural penis enlargement


First stage is increasing penis length and the second one is increasing of its girth.

You have to suffer several surgeries and pretty painful ones.

    Penis girth-it is done by injecting cells from the body  in the penis skin. Cells from your stomach may decrease over time because these cells have the property to infiltrate back into the body.

    After the surgery your penis may actually be a bit deformed which is caused by surgery.

 Natural Penis Enlargement – how it measure up to the penis Surgery, in terms of Penis growth?

    As a rule, surgery cannot increase your penis length much.

     The natural penis enlargement works like this: You are basically cutting some of the ligaments connecting the penis to the pubic bone. Thee ligaments are keeping the penis sometimes a bit curved.

What are the natural penis enlargement exercises?

Enlarging your penis through natural penis exercises is one of the safest and most effective methods for permanent enlargement. You may think surgery is a better option, but there is no guarantee for wanted results.

Have you seen all the photos of penis enlargement surgery gone bad? Personally I can’t believe guys are willing to pay $4000-5000 for medical gambling with their penis.

There are several benefits to natural penis exercises:

Penis exercises are free
They are safe
Good results can be achieved


Now,  more on the penis enlargement surgery:

The observations after the penis enlargement surgery show that even lose sexual desire.

 Medical supervision after men who suffered penis enlargement surgery showed that surgery lead to loss of sexual desire (down to impotence), deformed look of penis and distortion of circulation in genital area.

A bit more on Natural penis enlargement and the penis pumps.

You  maybe be wondering, but is this Natural penis enlargement method?

Men that don’t go deep into proven methods of penis enlargement, often consider that pump is a natural penis enlargement method.

And spend their money inevitably hauling in disappointment.

There is one small detail here. When we say penis pumps, we mean pump that pumps up your penis. It just makes it bigger for the time being.




natural penis enlargement bigger penis


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