Natural Male Enlargement – How to Do Jelqing Right.

For those who do this exercise for the first time, we recommend a duration of 5 or 10 minutes, rising gradually to a maximum of 20 minutes (some prefer 30 minutes) during 4 weeks.

After the conclusion of the jelq session, your penis should look something red and swollen or plump for a half hour or more times.

Natural Male Enlargement exercises





This effect is normal. With respect to adverse side effects, as noted in the explanation of stretching, each individual mens health has  its specifics.

Natural Male Enlargement – notes about the Jelq.

Unlike stretching, jelq can produce a variety of side effects. The most common are:

    some temporary numbness
    red spots on the glans, which indicates the rupture of small blood vessels
    points of discoloration on the glans, also due to altered blood flow.

These are warning signs, but they are indicators of the intensity with which he is performing the jelq. A reasonable decision to discontinue the exercise for a day or two, until there are these negative effects, and start again with a lower intensity.

Use Natural Male Enlargement smart, and with Lubricant!

The lubricant should be left to individual choice. There are a variety of products that can be used as lubricants.

They are of two general types: aqueous and fatty foods. The more water-based lubricant used in the exercises is sold in the U.S. market under the trade name of KY, or similar, and the most common fatty lubricant for this exercise is the Baby Oil Baby oil, which can also be purchased at gel form.

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The advantage of water based lubricants is the ability to remove them once the exercise as simply washing with water, while its disadvantage is that they dry very often requiring several applications during the year, yet on the market a new water-based lubricant, which only becomes dehydrated during use, and remains moist throughout the year:

WET ID and trade names are the most popular. The disadvantage is the difficulty grease lubricants to be removed from the skin, which can irritate sensitive skin.

However, a method that some use is called dry jelq, or jelq  without lubricant. This method imposes some difficulties.

When using a lubricant, the ring slides easily over the skin from the base of the penis to the edge of the glans.

By removing the lubricant, as in the dry jelq, the ring does not slip on the skin, but that both the ring and the skin together, slide on the subcutaneous tissue of the penis.

Many will find great difficulty, particularly those who are circumcised, while trying to stretch the skin so that the “ring” can be reached from the base to the glans.

Heating is part of the Natural Male Enlargement Exercises:

At the end must be reapplied for 10 minutes warming, to activate blood circulation to the fullest so that the health remedies can be totally utilized.

After the meeting, the penis should be swollen and red for about half an hour. The rest of the body will be the next step.

If we do everything listed here with perseverance and dedication, there will be one main result: growing.

Natural Male Enlargement – Final Note!

This article has been solely the result of my own personal experience of four years and that of others who practice the method of PE, with whom I maintained close contact throughout this time.

Wish you Luck with your Bigger Penis Journey! You and Her Enjoy the Ride! :)


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