Natural Male Enlargement – guidelines to follow.

When the penis is in ideal erection, a lubricant is applied on the hands and penis, and put the thumb and forefinger of each other so as to form a ring around the base of the penis.



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Hand lies the upper or dorsal side of the penis with the palm down, touching the dorsal skin of the penis. The thumb and index finger are placed around the base of the penis, and touching each other at the ends, at the bottom of the base.

Thus, the “ring” is around the base of the penis, attached to the pubis. For most individuals, the most convenient for the forearms would be to place his hand beneath the penis, palm up. While you are improving your mens health, adhere to the guidelines.

Natural Male Enlargement – be careful and follow the directions.

The problem with this position is that the “ring” around the base of the penis would not be so attached to the pubis, and that instead they would be the other three fingers, and most effective is that the “ring” is placed as deeply as possible into the pubis.

Those who prefer this way, with your hand on the underside of the penis, you need to put  the other three fingers around the testicles, and will see that the “ring” will not be placed so deep in the pubis and when done with the hand over. Again, with this health remedies exercises be persistent.

Use Lubricant while doing the Natural Male Enlargement Exercises.

Once understood how to place your hand, and applied the lubricant in the hands and penis, proceed as follows:

We tighten the ring fingers are as much as you can without causing pain, squeezing the penis, which is 75% of erection, then slowly slide is the “ring” from the base of the penis to the crown of the glans, making late as about 3 or 4 seconds in the slide.

This action does the blood in the penis to move forward, putting pressure on all sides (except backwards). This natural male enlargement pressure forces the cavities of the spongy tissue to widen.

When the hand has reached the edge of the glans, and the other hand should be positioned with the fingers of the “ring” at the base of the penis. The two hands alternate in the slow movement as milking.

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