Natural Male Enlargement – Penis get bigger where?

Although penis stretching exercises are designed to enlarge the length of this organ, it is important to note that to a lesser extent, these exercises also cause growth in girth. How?

Natural Male Enlargement penisBy stretching the suspensory ligament also stretch the corpora cavernosa, the spongy body and all other structures of the penis, which have been forced to grow forward together.

Natural Male Enlargement – how the penis expends in width.

By stopping the force that caused the stretch, and return all structures of the penis to its resting condition, the increase in size, being forced in one direction, it must also accommodate radial, ie increasing the thickness of penis.

The so-called stretching V and A, which may be found in other works, are forms of what has been stated above, and have a powerful effect. Its application to the basic system can be considered as an adjunct in the advanced stage of boosting men health .

 Natural Male Enlargement technique –  Jelqing.

This method and its health solutions aim to widen the spaces in the spongy tissue of the three cylindrical structures, to squeeze the penis and increase the pressure of blood against the walls of these spaces.

To do this, the penis must be in a state of erection that many of you expressed numerically as 75%, but can also be expressed as more than moderately erect without being fully erect. If the penis is flaccid, or if it’s fully hard, the procedure has no effect.

The expected result is the growth in girth, but as means described after exercise, jelq involves stretching the penis and, therefore, also has an effect on growth in body length.

The procedure is as follows:

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