Natural Male Enlargement – how to properly execute the exercises!

Temperature is an important factor. Before beginning a workout should be a warming of the penis with a wet towel with hot water, or by any other method.

natural male enlargement


A very easy to use is the bag that contains a gel inside, which can be heated in the microwave oven.

This heating is very important because it makes tissues more flexible, especially the ligament, which is the most consistent, and activates the blood circulation inside the penis and tissue metabolism.

This is making the exercise more effective and less traumatic. 10 minutes of warming is sufficient.

Natural Male Enlargement and the stretching penis exercises.

The penis must be flaccid or slightly erect, so some manual expressed as a 25% erection. If I was fully erect, it would be a hindrance, since the hardness of the corpora cavernosa to oppose the stretching of the ligament.

Stretching the penis should be just grabbing the penis behind the corona of the glans, the most comfortable way to be.

One common way is by placing the hand beneath the penis, palm up and fingers pointing to the testes.

Grasp the glans with index and middle fingers on either side, immediately behind the corona. It puts pressure on the glans with the thumb on top to ensure firmness.

The penis is stretched forward as far much as possible, until there is a slight discomfort but never pain.

This feeling is the appropriate measure of the intensity of the stretch, and only each individual can decide on his own. You can be the best judge for with what force to appl to your mens health.

Natural Male Enlargement exercises and their duration.

Stretching exercises vary in duration and the angle at which they are made. For optimal or advanced stage of the fourth week, intends to do each stretch for 30 seconds (some extending up to 1 minute) and repeat until a total of 4 lifts with a brief pause between each two consecutive stretches.

The most effective system of health remedies method is to do 4 stretching in every direction. Suppose the individual standing for to avoid confusion with directions, then the exercise would be as follows:

    4 stretching forward
    4 stretching down
    4 stretches to the right
    4 stretches to the left

After this cycle of 4 stretches in each of the five directions, stretching the penis and again a rotary motion is 30 seconds, through all the previous positions (except the forward position), as describing an imaginary circle with the glans, and then repeated in the opposite direction.

Natural Male Enlargement an the growth of the penis;

This method in all directions guarantees a full stretch all the beams that make up the ligament, especially in its widest parts, which are both ends, where the insertion occurs.

During stretching, the BC muscle should remain totally relaxed, as its contraction would exert traction on the structures of the penis in the opposite direction, including the ligament.

What has Natural Male Enlargement  to do with this muscle?

For those who do not know about this muscle, suffice it to say now that this muscle is the one that collapsed when suddenly interrupt the flow of urine and also when moving up the erect penis.

The BC muscle exercises, which are essential in the EP, and are known as Kegels – they are vital part of the Natural male enlargement techniques.

For starters the exercises, instead of taking 4 stretches in every direction, can be one only, for a week, and gradually increase the number of stretches in every direction until the number of 4 in the fourth week.

Natural Male Enlargement- how long it will take me?

Each individual is unique who can determine whether the gradual increase with the proposed frequency will be the best for him, and be guided in their decisions by the index of discomfort when you exercise and to begin the next day.

Other side effects are common in stretching exercises for natural male enlargement. When doubts arise, it is advisable to consult with more experienced ones.

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