Natural Male Enlargement – more about the physiology behind it!

The suspensory ligament is like a rope that extends below the dorsal skin of the penis, and is insnatural male enlargement peniserted into the pubic bone at one end, and on the other (near the base of the penis), the fascia deep, which is a consistent but flexible layer, which covers other structures inside the penis.

The ligament of the penis is made up of tissue similar to any other ligament in the body.

It is the ligament that keeps the structure erect penis angle relative to the body, and is also the ligament that limits the growth in length of the penis, and the length reached during erection.

 Natural Male Enlargement – how it works within the penis tissues?



The other anatomical element to consider is the two corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum of the urethra.

These three cylindrical structures through the entire interior of the penis to the glans, having its other end into the pelvic cavity, and consist of spongy tissue in nature, sometimes known as the erectile tissue of the penis and it is these three bodies responsible for the erection, increasing considerably in size and consistency when blood fills the tiny pressure chambers of spongy nature.

The corpora cavernosa are two and are located in the dorsolateral part of the penis, while the body occupies the ventral spongiosum containing the urethra along its interior, as shown in the graph.

  Natural Male Enlargement and Basis of the exercises.

Any exercise to grow penis has to take into account the factors outlined above. Exercises improve your mens health and to grow your penis in length are based on stretching the ligament, basically.

While exercises for girth growth are designed to lead to increased blood pressure in the chambers of spongy tissue, squeezing or semi-erect penis squeezes, consequently resulting in the widening of the cavities, whose walls are partially broken down and rebuilt at a microscopic level, to accommodate the new volume of blood.

Natural Male Enlargement – what should I be looking when considering penis enlargement exercises?

Both sexual health remedies exercises – to increase the length ( stretch ) and girth ( jelq ) must then be considered to complement each other, and the proposed system as an ideal is that both should be in the same session, so that the exercises have greater effectiveness.


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