Mouth Ulcers Home Remedy – How to Treat  Mouth Ulcers

Simple but effective Mouth Ulcers Home Remedy

Mouth Ulcer Home Remedy with Garlic and yogurt.

* Crush 3 cloves of garlic and rub thoroughly with 2 tsp. yogurt. The mixture is slightly warm and keep your mouth, spreading the language on the sore spots. Will feel a burning sensation, but will have to be patient, it will go away after a few treatments. Use this popular tool several times a daymouth ulcer

Mouth Ulcer Home Remedy with hydrogen peroxide.

First, thoroughly clean the painful sores swab moistened with 5% hydrogen peroxide and dry mouth jet of warm air from a hair dryer. Then gently moisten them with a gauze pad soaked in tincture of propolis pharmacy, dry mouth and again.

In the mouth formed a thin film of propolis, promotes rapid healing, which also prevents the spread of stomatitis in healthy tissue. That is why the treatment of stomatitis Propolis is very effective.

Mouth Ulcer Home Remedy with Aloe

Rinse leaf aloe years, and then chew it up and after a meal. Also aloe gum and grease sores in the mouth. Here are just pay attention to the fact that the juice must be freshly squeezed.

Mouth Ulcer Home Remedy with raw egg

Good clean fresh raw egg, separate the protein from the yolk. Stir in half a glass of white with cool boiled water and whisk with a fork. Rinse your mouth with a solution obtained every 2 hours. It is an effective folk remedy for treatment of stomatitis.

Mouth Ulcer Home Remedy -use just clean water

Do not forget the usual water. With the help of the oral cavity is cleared of food debris and hazardous substances. For the rapid achievement of therapeutic effect, add a cup of lukewarm boiled water 1 tsp. soda solution and rinse the mouth every two hours. Instead of baking soda in water can be added to hydrogen peroxide (half a teaspoon to a cup of water).

Mouth Ulcer Home Remedy with methylene blue

Buy a pharmacy solution of methylene blue. Moisten a cotton swab and they lubricate the sores and wounds. With such treatment, the disease is just a few days. Treatment is effective for both adults and children, even toddlers.

Mouth Ulcer Home Remedy with chamomile and sage

Stir in 3 tbsp. l. Pharmacy flowers of chamomile, sage, crushed oak bark, grasses, cocklebur, marshmallow root, add 2 tbsp. l. cinquefoil roots. Then pour 2 tablespoons of the mixture half a liter of cold fresh water for 2 hours.

Boil and immediately remove from heat. Let cool, strain through several layers of cheesecloth, wring out raw. After eating, rinse your mouth with water, broth and then dial in your mouth and hold for 2 minutes. The procedure is repeated after each meal.

To eliminate the pain, in the treatment get rid of  sour, and bitter from the food. Avoid chewing hard foods at all. At this time it is better to eat more mashed potatoes and oatmeal.

To be less hurt your mouth, try to drink juices and other beverages through a straw. Eat in the form of heat as hot and cold food causes pain.

Also, use herbs to treat thrush, spend any treatments for at least 6 times a day. With long-term course of the disease, when high temperatures  and diffused ulcers and sores in the mouth immediately contact a professional.








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