Mens Health – How To Keep Our Mens Health in Top Shape!


mens health



Uncontrollable factors adversely affecting Mens health include aging, heredity and gender (men in this regard have it worse).

Some scholars tend to include more here and race, but this is wrong, because here the implied adverse effects are not caused by race itself, and social factors such as income, educational level and dietary preferences.

Nothing you can do with the above three factors, but the other five fully controllable: the habits, mens health, exercise, diet and state of mind.

Mens health – what are the best strategies for maintaining health?

This article describes the best strategy for maintaining mens health at the proper level. It is much easier than you think, and 4 short section of the head – everything you need to know.

Each section discusses the five factors in order of importance during the four periods of life – from youth to old age.

None of us are perfect, and I am far from thinking that you will faithfully perform all of the recommendations, but decided to follow my advice, be consistent. A smoker who start an exercise, do not quit smoking, can hardly hope for success.

Each section begins with a checklist that will help you determine by counting how well you take care of their mens health. I spent a lot of time deciding what to include in the questionnaires and how important a particular issue, and tried to capture those moments that you or your doctor might miss.




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mens health build muscle

As a result, you have the chance to improve their results. Score 16 – an excellent result. You are fairly responsible person, if scored 14 points or more 10 or less – a very low score.

Take the questionnaire seriously, otherwise each of you counted yourself 14 with minimal effort. Good mens health requires some work, but (unlike many other aspects of life), this is an achievable goal.

Mens Health – the most often asked questions:

– Do you smoke very little and only on occasion? (Triple-check myself).
– You smoked more, but now abandoned?
– Do you practice safe sex?
– How often do you drink? For the measure should be considered no more than four cans of beer or four glasses of wine or two cocktails in the week.
– Do you stay in the sun? Wear safety goggles and a visor?
– Brush your teeth and if you rinse your mouth every day? Regularly visit a dentist for oral examination?
– Do you know how to restrain his temper? Do you have firearms at home?
– Do you do sports as much as I recommend?
– Do you have a normal weight? (Double check).
– Below 180 is your cholesterol? (Check three).
– Is your cholesterol level between 200 and 180? (Double check).

– Are you a disciplined driver, and fasten a seat belt? (Double check). The fact that you consider yourself a good driver, shall not be taken.
Healthy people get more out of life.

Unfortunately, except for a general feeling of well being, most of the benefits of mens healthy lifestyles of young people – in the future, man to 40 years old, who collected 16 points, may look only slightly better, scored zero, but in future this figure will zero its owner a lot of problems.

Over the years, everything changes. You might think that a man who has just recovered from a heart attack, he feels worse than a neighbor who has lost all his teeth, but not necessarily. Heart attack, of course, collapses suddenly, but people adapt to it. Most likely, that such a person will continue a normal life, a little overwhelmed by what had happened, but often without even thinking about it.

A person who has to wear false teeth, always thinking that it was not as comfortable as real teeth, and worried that she might not dropped at the wrong time.

It is not known which of the two men more concerned with their problems, but it’s safe to say that for those who have no such trouble, to live a much more pleasant. So treat your teeth seriously.

A man who wants to live happily over 40 years must use a seat belt in a car, practice safe sex and to lead a moderate lifestyle. To enjoy life after 40, it should be thin and not smoking.

According to tradition, for smokers and the fat man said that they would die young. This is certainly an exaggeration. Although their life expectancy and shorter, and many survive to old age, only problem is that it is – a life of chronic diseases.

  • Priorities

1. Habits
2. Diet
3. State of mind (thinking)
4. Exercise
5. Medical care and service

Develops GOOD HABITS – the key to Great Mens Health.

Do not get bad! If you are 20 or 30 years, all our warnings will go down the drain because the young organism adapts to incredibly bad things without feeling them harm. A man who smoked three packs of cigarettes per day pass through this period with growing worrisome cough, but heart attacks as long as accidental.

Young people who abuse alcohol suffer from gastritis and sensitive, “nervous” stomach, but they shrivel and shrink the liver still makes itself felt. Even drug addicts at this age do not complain about mens health, if they manage to avoid overdoses and infections.

My patients are implicitly changed their lives for the better after the first abnormalities in the ECG, ulcer bleeding or a positive test for HIV.

While the start to take care of your mens health is never too late, much has been lost forever in a time when your body is still not give to know how he is tired of the fact that you and he done the.

DO NOT SMOKE – A big enemy to Mens health.

If you do not smoke, you gain the victory in a game where the prize is in good mens health and longevity. If you have not parted with this bad habit, then quit tobacco – the most important goal on the road to better mens health.

With the exception of teenage schoolchildren, I do not warn anyone about the dangers of smoking, because now everyone knows how it is disastrous. Moreover, I am proud that the battle against smoking is one of our triumphs: we are winning it!

In 1966, smokers were 50% of men, and by 1988 godu30%, and the decline continues at a rate of about 0.5% per year. One day the XXI century finally stop smoking harm to our mens health.

USE CONDOMS – the sexual Mens Health.

Strong support for the idea of safe sex doctors in the current decade is not some novelty, but the shameful neglect of correcting this problem. AIDS – only the last time the disease in the chain of horrible diseases that were a direct result of promiscuity.

Back in the early XX century syphilis was more common than AIDS these days, and resulted in a further increase of hereditary diseases, the emergence of monsters and mentally disabled persons; this disease even provoke discrimination against the sick from those who were convinced that people are ill with syphilis immoral, it is commendable that got it.
Syphilis remains a most unpleasant and now an infectious disease and for the most part spread among heterosexuals, but on the whole list of diseases, sexually transmitted infections, much larger than they can imagine the inexperienced people. Sex without precautions with strangers is harmful to mens health in much the same as smoking







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Another Big Enemy – try to use Less alcohol!

In principle, I have my doubts even on moderate drinking bouts. Due to continuous nicotine company, every smoker knows that he is moving to a miserable and painful future. But that prospect scares the alcoholic is less than the smoker.

Of course, your doctor may not be concerned that his patient was an alcoholic, because our doctors are rarely interested in such information.

The concept of “moderate and safe smoking” does not exist, but each is willing to agree that moderate drinking – it’s nice and pleasant, so middle-class drinkers are convinced that they are only “moderately drank.”

If you drink every day and you will be angry, not having received one such possibility, it does not mean that you are an alcoholic, but you have many chances to become one.

Drive a car carefully – yes, redundant.., but..!

Although my young patients are most afraid of cancer and heart attacks, for white males younger than 40 years the main cause of death is accident (for blacks, they are in second place).
Nothing illustrates the unmens healthy nature of the male is better than the tendency to die in cars. This is partly because more men drink, but even when sober, they are still touchy and irritable drivers, capable of a stupid risk.

This is evidenced by statistics. The total number of accidents for both men and women equally, but the victims of fatal accidents twice as many men.

Having reached middle age, they begin to ride circumspectly. Young men with good vision and quick reactions are the same level of catastrophe risk, and that the elderly in 75 years and older.
A disaster can occur not your fault, but it does not matter, it was involved in your testosterone or not – in any case, wearing a safety belt reduces the chance of injury by half.

Avoid excessive sun exposure.

Excess sun damage your skin, causing premature aging and wrinkles, even skin cancer. If you comply with the recommendations of experts to sunbathe in moderation, then the risk is reduced.

If you have read that sunlight is needed to ensure that the body produces vitamin D, this is only true if you have not receive it in the diet.

Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after every meal.

I know it sounds corny, but you’d be surprised to know how many men blithely refer to this recommendation, and as a result of dental prostheses in middle age they are guaranteed. They quietly nod when I ask, do not bleed if they have a strong massage the gums after a tooth brush, if it were – a normal phenomenon, but in reality it is a sign of chronic inflammation of the gums. Over time, inflammation destroys wells, the teeth become loose and eventually fall out.
Need to rinse your mouth with tooth elixir. The toothbrush cleans never cracks and grooves between the teeth – it does not penetrate into them. When brushing your teeth, spend brushing and tongue. This will prevent harmless, but unsightly blemishes and reduce bad breath.

DO NOT IGNORE DIET – The Food and Mens Health:

Balanced diet is easy, make full – is somewhat more complicated, but the payoff will be the absence of heart attacks, reducing the risk of cancer, etc. This is something so worthwhile.
In addition to mens health, the diet should maintain a slim your figure.

Many men over 40 begin to gain weight. Tummy in middle-aged men is somehow understandable, but the symptoms of obesity in the young man immediately have to be taken seriously.

Like smoking, obesity can not deliver special concern for several decades, but it will cause big trouble later. A young man with overweight risk to get cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

More risk of diabetes and arthritis, to amass back pain and blisters, as well as to acquire a host of other oppressive conditions. Young people do not think about it, but my older patients are very concerned to combat such diseases.

Losing weight is simple enough, although I will not say that easily. It is necessary to halve the consumption of food and exercise . If you just keep gaining weight, it means that obesity is in your genes, and fight with him will always be difficult.

You can alleviate some of her constantly playing sports – to get rid of about 8 lbs it is easy for almost any diet, using the long-term use diet pills can lose up to 8 kg, and even a severe influenza contributes to this weight loss.

But then dietary measures are ineffective.
Your brain, alarmed by the loss of fat, suggests that you are starving (for the entire previous history of mankind, such an assumption would be correct).

Trying to protect you, the brain slows down the metabolism, resulting in a diet, reduces your weight, is able to provide you with all the necessary calories.

You can continue to lose weight, continue to reduce their diet, but this is not the best advice for people seeking to lose weight. Initial enthusiasm evaporated, the constant gnawing sense of hunger moved with difficulty, and pills to reduce appetite have been removed. Most slimming dealt during this period. The solution is to just exercise. Why – I’ll explain later.

Mens Health and some CONSTRAINTS!

Although psychologists have warned that contain the emotions is dangerous, relatively young people I hold the opposite view, try encouraging them to tame their temper. This is to some extent, protects them from the risk of committing murder or suicide, become responsible for an accident or get injuries.
It may seem strange that I mention the murders in connection with mens health problems, but a violent death in the United States occupies 12th place in the list of causes of death, and among black men in this age group – the first one.

With crime as such is not bound 80% of murders are the result of quarrels between relatives, friends or casual acquaintances in bars, streets, etc.

Unlike women men are more hot-tempered and often exhibit other features of his bad temper, quickly transferred to the rough action, in this case the hormones definitely play a role. Athletes and bodybuilders who take male hormones in addition, become more irritable and excitable.
Murder can be prevented as much as cardiovascular disease. You will never encroach on someone’s life, if:
– You will not have a gun (apparently, this is the main precaution);
– From the comfort of your home, you do not take with any weapon;
– Careful, drinking in male company;
– Mindful of the possible consequences, will try to pass off barbs and avoid provocations.

Exercise and Mens Health – a main ingredient:

Apart from the fact that exercise is good for you, without them it is almost impossible to lose excess weight. Active man, usually thin.

If you do not have excess weight, give priority to mens healthy habits and good nutrition. If you are easily excitable or quick-tempered, try to develop the mind. Please read the section on exercise in chapter 3 and think about it.

To watch over mens health:

Hypertension is not particularly complicated man’s life until they reach middle age, but it can not be called rare. Despite the almost unanimous belief of physicians, certain symptoms that accompany high blood pressure do not. And to measure it, does not need to be a professional. I recommend you do this every 2-3 years.
Death from cancer is 1 / 7 of fatalities resulting from accidents, and half of the number of murder victims.

With regard to young men only one type of cancer deserves special attention: testicular cancer, among them reaches a peak and declining in men of middle age. With early recognition of testicular cancer is almost always curable, and it is easy to identify.

Men monthly self-examination Testicular equally obligatory, as samoosmotr chest for women. Most of the swelling and seals are usually not cancerous, but they should be examined by a doctor.

Mens Health IF YOU Are over FORTY:

– Do you smoke very little and only on occasion? (Triple-check myself).
– You smoked more, but now abandoned?
– Do you practice safe sex?
– How often do you drink?
– Brush your teeth and if you rinse your mouth every day? Regularly visit a dentist for oral examination?
– Do you know how to restrain his temper? Do you have firearms at home?
– Do you do sports as much as I recommend?
– Do you have a normal weight? (Double check).
– Below 180 is your cholesterol? (Double check).
– Is your cholesterol level between 200 and 180?
– Are you disciplined a driver?
– Do you regularly visit your doctor?
– Married Do you (or have a permanent mistress)?

– Do you feel that your life is at least satisfactory, you are satisfied with the work, and money – not major, and you rarely lonely? In passing forty foreign priorities change. As you can see from the questionnaire item was gone for protection from the sun, a car accident are statistically less important, so the question for them is given in abbreviated form. If you prefer to personally risky behavior, then you have the danger persists.


1. Diet
2. Exercise
3. Habits
4. State of mind (thinking)
5. Medical care and service

Pay attention to the Diet:

As long as your mens regime healthy, good nutrition will bring you more good than a doctor. Your goal is to, whenever possible, do not change in comparison with young people: stay lean and maintain low cholesterol levels. Reduce salt intake. At the end of the day, especially spent on your feet, you may notice swelling of the ankles, and possibly think that these are traces of rubber on his toes.

In fact, there are swelling because the veins in the legs have high blood pressure when you stand or walk, but with age become weak and thin, leading to an outflow of fluid into surrounding tissues (edema). In the morning, getting up from bed, you find that the lumps are gone. This is not a sign of ill mens health and not a symptom of high blood pressure (it affects the arteries, not veins).

You can reduce puffiness, consuming less salt (not water!). It sounds paradoxical, but the excess water does not cause swelling, as the kidneys immediately removed it. And with an excess of salt the kidneys are forced to retain water in the body for its dissolution.
In adulthood, often raises blood pressure, and many other factors may exceed the norm, so that reducing salt intake, you are probably one blow to kill two birds with one stone.

For Best Mens Health – Develops GOOD HABITS:

Alarmed by the first signs of a growing belly, wrinkles or baldness, men who were mostly sedentary, often rush to the other extreme, and then barely can then crawl o the doctors office with a sprained or strained ankles, muscle tears or damage to the back. And they’re doing the right thing, turning to a doctor.

At the initial stage of treatment usually takes a little time. Still, it is recommended everyone to start with walking or jogging.
Marks the fortieth anniversary of the last period, you let go for the best results from the program of mens health maintenance. No amount of exercising can bring back those initially subtle but irreversible losses incurred by the bones and muscles of any man about 35 years. But regular physical exercise slows the process.

In this age of smokers develop chronic lung disease, breathing tests reveal a decrease in lung volume and increased resistance to air flow in almost all of them, including those who have no visible symptoms.

So, if you smoke, dispose of immediately.
For those who do not smoke, safe driving a car and safe sex are best able to maintain good mens health before the onset of middle age.

Continue to regularly clean and rinse your teeth and do not overheat in the sun.
During this period, you start to think about the price of his life. Most likely, it was not a continuous triumph, and, since men tend to focus on their faults, you might come to the conclusion that life is a failure. With regard to men, such feelings are usually called “midlife crisis”. Women call it depression, which, in my opinion, more correct.

Emotional pain weakens a person no less than physical, and try to live by adapting to it, just as unwise as to try to walk on a sprained leg or ignore the pain in his chest. As with many physical illnesses, you can try “home” treatments, but if spending time with friends and trying to pull yourself together do not help, you need professional help.

To overcome the crisis, men would go to his strength of mind, but in this situation, it is usually useless, as in the treatment of physical illness. Moreover, the medicine today to cope with psychological disorders adjusted better than the treatment of cardiovascular disease and other serious diseases.
Be honest with your doctor. Do not go to him just for the physical examination from head to toe. If you experience emotional discomfort, say so. Many doctors do have difficulty meeting with severe emotional disorders, and are not competent to treat moderate. In any case, your doctor will probably recommend to see a specialist and can help you find it.

FIND A GOOD DOCTOR – Nonetheless, you will need it..!

If you still do not have a doctor, find a suitable candidate and make an appointment for a preliminary examination . The most important is your goal statement itself as a regular patient of this doctor. Doctors tend to be more attentive to such patients, and that’s exactly what you want.
The first inspection will allow your doctor to make history (medical history), to identify and describe your current status.
Starting from 40 years to the end of his days annually with inspection of the rectum. It is at this age increases the risk of getting the most common among non-fatal disease – cancer of the rectum. In the hands of doctors within the reach of only 10% of these tumors, but it can take a finger smear on a special plate and drop it on the reagent detects the presence of even very small amounts of blood in the stool.

Many tumors of the rectum provoke minor bleeding, and this test helps early detection of such situations. The doctor will also feel your your prostate gland (prostatitis) in search of seals, which could be malignant tumors – an unlikely find in such an age, but it is quite possible in the future.
Only a very meticulous when we first met the doctor ordered to carry out laboratory tests (only one is needed – for cholesterol), so that you may have to go through a collection of blood samples and urine tests, chest X-ray and ECG.

Justifying his love for the abundance of testing and analysis, the doctors usually say that they need some basic information about the patient record, with which they could check if a change is detected. For example, if the patient feels tightness in the chest and the ECG will show up in its rejection, then it coincides with the previous one, they say, there is no reason for special alarm, but with negative dynamics have to worry about.

Lack of this argument is that the patient must always and everywhere to carry a copy of those records.
You should visit an ophthalmologist and to the ordinary eye examination, including testing for glaucoma, and then pass further examinations to those intervals which it shall indicate. Glaucoma – a consequence of pressure rise of intraocular fluid – causes progressive blindness, giving no other symptoms.
Medical check-up will continue the survey of your testicles. Testicular tumors are most common in men aged about 35 years, but after 40 also pose a serious threat.
You can buy at the pharmacy one of the sets for the detection of occult blood in the stool (a symptom of colon cancer). It’s very simple: if a chair is at least a small amount of blood, reagents, the card will change color.

Check yourself three times a year. Do not panic, finding color change indicator. Anything that bleeds (including hemorrhoids, benign polyps and ulcers), gives a positive test result, but confirmed by tumors in 5-10% of cases and are usually small and curable.

Mens Health – If you are over 50:

– Do you smoke very little and only on occasion? (Triple-check myself.)
– You no longer smoked, but now abandoned?
– How often do you drink?
– Brush your teeth and if you rinse your mouth every day? Regularly visit a dentist for oral examination?
– Do you do sports as much as I recommend? (Check two.)
– Do you have a normal weight? (Check two.)
– Below 180 is your cholesterol? (Check two.)
– Is your cholesterol level between 200 and 180?
– Do you have a regular doctor and spend a yearly check-ups? (Check two.)
– Married Do you (or have a permanent mistress)?
– Do you feel that your life is at least satisfactory? (Think twice.) Accidents, traffic violations and sexual relations are excluded from the questionnaire, but do not tempt fate with regard to these moments. Medical care has come to mean much more, and increased role of public life, as well as an emotional state.

Some middle-aged men take the sudden decision to completely follow my advice: improve nutrition, quit smoking, begin to play sports, etc. I ts is regrettable to note that most of them take belated action – many already had at least one heart attack. Now they are guided by fear for his life, and though the action taken will benefit them, early prevention is much better. Think about it before its too late.

Your body takes the natural signs of aging, but not to conclude from this that all rolled down the hill. Men in this age group less likely to suffer from common colds and viral upper respiratory tract, possibly because they are caused by viruses, about a hundred and you get to this age-acquired immunity to most of them, a refresher before. A lot of nasty diseases at this age are casting themselves – allergies, migraines (headaches), pimples, blackheads and other chronic skin diseases.

On one of the first places in the scale of priorities put mens health care as the disease is more serious impact on your body.
If you have some time to follow my advice, then this period will begin to feel results, but never forget that the human body is not perfect, but life is unpredictable, and in many of its incongruity is not your fault.

1. Diet
2. Medical care and service
3. State of mind (mindset)
4. Habits
5. Exercise

DIET AND mens health:

Diet,is the best the best, regardless of age. The main thing – keep an eye on cholesterol levels.
When you turn 50, agreed to hold a sigmoidoscopy. If your doctor does not perform this procedure, visit a gastroenterologist, who will put into your rectum through the anus, flexible tube with a diameter a little finger to a depth of 50-60 cm to search for cancer and precancerous polyps.


This is a good test for the early diagnosis of tumors. Experts are still arguing, as it is often necessary to carry out, most doctors advise to do it once every 3-5 years. You should continue annual rectal examinations as well as regular blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Mens Health and PREVENTION:

Aspirin, taken daily reduces the risk of heart attack by about half in almost all men over 50, however, due to a small increase in the number of strokes. Contraindications: low cholesterol (below 180), gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.

HAZARD too detailed survey

Even if it’s you on the funds during an annual medical examination should not take all possible tests. A few simple measurements (temperature, blood pressure) have 100% accuracy, while more complex, using chemicals or equipment, provide less reliable results. The accuracy of the order of 95% is considered acceptable.

In other words, the test can detect deviations by chance when testing a completely mens healthy person, as well as to give a normal result in serious diseases. If you think about all this, it turns out that the worse you feel, the more surely will work test. Conversely, the stronger your mens health, the less reliable tests, and adequately reflect your objective state.

Experience life RIGHT..!

Many men are convinced they have the opportunity to become a superman. As a result, they feel great when things are going as they please, but any mistake can knock them completely out of the rut. Men over 50 suffer life’s failures (collapsed career, dismissal, divorce, financial loss) is much more painful than in his youth. To restore the ruined remains less time, and if the same misfortune befall you a few times, you begin to think that hanging over you curse.

(And in fact you just do not have the proper conclusions from previous mistakes, and it is sure sign of being human.) Multiple failures in a short time of each may be persuaded in his own imperfection. And if the only alternative is an ideal way of deception, injustice, and other delights, then this person is really in trouble.

The man who begins to perceive himself as a mistake of nature, in fact, seriously ill, and in this case, your doctor may give him effective assistance. Depression has no specific physical signs, but nevertheless is a physical illness – brain disease. Medications cure depression in most of the months (ECT works faster, but it is now out of fashion). Consultation with a therapist to help ease the emotional pain, the healing power of his own body also play a role.

Your Mens Health and HABITS:

People in this age group have an established life, so make good habits should be used. At this age begin to show results as positive (absence of the abdomen, well, besides my own teeth, endurance), and negative habits (heart attacks, diabetes, hypertension).
Think about the contents of first aid kits, where you had to dig at the last party. In my youth I was sometimes a need, and there is rarely anything interesting to contraception, separate pills or medication for a headache.

Today in the medicine cabinet can find collections of sleeping pills, tranquilizers, laxatives, softeners stool, skin creams and solutions to improve digestion – and not because of all the inhabitants of the house heavily sick.

The use of these drugs is an attempt to combat the aging of the organism in the hope of making it work the same way as before. Despite a certain efficacy, long-term use of these tools creates habits, which are hard to get rid of. Good habits not only help to preserve and prolong life, how much help you live better. You will never be constipation and insomnia.

If your whole life, have been passive and slow, then take care of the observance of the first four priorities. Think about golf – it’s not physically develops the game, but quite vigorous in order to strengthen the body.

Deciding to do sports, get one of the books on walking or biking, and evaluate their strength: if you can perform regular program. I do not insist here on the more energetic sports like tennis or jogging, but if they are still attracted to you, do not start classes without consulting your doctor.


– Do you smoke very little and only on occasion? (Triple-check myself.)
– You smoked more, but now abandoned?
– How often do you drink?
– Do you have a normal weight? (Check two.)
– Below 200 is your cholesterol? (Check two.)
– Do you have a regular doctor and go through a yearly check-ups? (Check yourself twice.)
– Married Do you have a permanent or concubine? (Ask yourself three times.)
– Do you feel that your life is at least satisfactory? (Think twice.)

You can not prevent all problems, so medical care and services beyond the list of priorities in the first place. You must have a permanent doctor, and you must undergo an annual physical examination had. With us there is a lot of trouble, which can be corrected, if set to work on time, and the sooner they will discover, the easier it is to cope with them.

1. Medical care and service
2. State of mind (thinking)
3. Diet
4. Habits
5. Exercise

Mens Health CARE:

If you have not yet had cardiovascular disease, this does not mean that you can afford whatever you want. Many doctors do not prescribe the elderly a blood test for cholesterol, for the reason that they can not make him lower the level of medication and should pay particular attention to food.

On the other hand, doctors usually prescribe for older people rather a lot of other laboratory examinations, despite the lack of evidence of their effectiveness. Try to understand it.

Your doctor will most likely younger than you, and young people are convinced that the old people are always more unmens healthy than it really is.
The only indisputable test for all doctors is an annual urinalysis.

Laboratory Technician plunges into the urine sample long strip of paper coated with chemicals. Each section of the strip changes color if there is blood in the urine, sugar, protein, bile, and several other substances.

This test is quite accurate to identify early stages of kidney disease, cancer, urinary tract and uncompensated diabetes (for more detailed discussions about the urine.

Although the rectal examination is still required, all other stages of your annual check-up will depend on the doctor’s decision. You need to understand why in this case, I put in the first place medical care and observation.

The reason for that – not disease prevention (of course we are still trying to prevent the emergence of new problems) and even early detection of disease, although its role is growing.
You need the services of doctors, mainly because at this age timely diagnosis and treatment can save lives.
As long as your doctor is likely to prefer to act as a healer, do not miss it – such a possibility.


A man who has attained 65 years of age, with equal chances and can live to 80, so that old age is often the longest period of life. Although old age may be the same for a man so satisfactory as the other stages of life, yet at this age may be quite specific kinds of stress.
Some of them are best avoided.

In my experience, few old people are concerned about the idea of death, but much more worried about disease, pain and inability to cater for themselves, ie, all that precedes death. I can not promise that all that you do not happen like I can not tell 50-year old man that he will never be a heart attack.

However, following the advice given in this book, and maintaining a good relationship with your doctor, you can be sure that you make everything easy for their future. Now focus on the present.
Avoid being alone. If you have no spouse or partner, meet the right person. Try to keep your job or other daily activities took place surrounded by people.
Women experience loneliness better, although they do not like it, but men are heavier than cope with it.

Unmarried men or widowers more prone to heart attacks than married. The number of suicides among them 3 times higher than among married men, and 19 times higher than among married women.

You can assume that for a mens healthy man needs a wife, ensuring proper food hygiene in the home and general psychological support, but even the presence of a male companion had already changed the picture. Even those who are dying wife (the most stressful of life in men) are able to stay mens healthy if they do not live in solitude.

Mens health and DIET:

If you do not stick to the diet, which protects against atherosclerosis, it is not too late to start. One should realize that the major cause of diet in aging men – it’s basically the only one, mistakenly believe the total for all other groups, the cause: poor nutrition.


Usually in this blame lack of funds or lack of a woman who would cook a meal, because the majority of men experiencing difficulties with the diet, there is no money, no wife.

In these assertions there is some truth, but these factors are very moderate effect on the quality of food as the best diet is usually inexpensive and does not require special efforts. Two hours spent on cooking with natural, whole foods will provide you with lunch or dinner for a week.

Cereals and fruits – excellent breakfast. Older people begin to suffer from malnutrition, if not long been accustomed to pay attention to him or slow to adapt to changing life circumstances.

Mens health and HABITS

We do not even realize how daily life is replete with the usual activities, and begin to notice it only when the organism is functioning with age less rapidly and irregularly. Sleep becomes shallow and intermittent, digestion and metabolism slows down, the gut is emptied less frequently. Reduced ability to get an erection.

Do not try to force your body to work with the same clarity. Go to bed whenever you want, eat, feeling that hungry, go to the toilet when the need arises. Do not try to abide by the old familiar plot, if there is no real desire to go to sleep, eat, etc., wait until it appears.


After the Second World War, doctors treated a very long time, many childhood diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis or polio) months holding the patient on strict bedrest. Now we understand how it’s bad, but luckily, the children usually adapt easily and can withstand long periods of immobility, without harmful effects. However, if you are over 60 and you are forced to remain motionless, requires special measures.

During these years, any incident that leads to prolonged immobility may be the beginning of the end.

From time to time one of my older patients receiving a hip fracture is quite treatable. These fractures heal themselves, and if not, set the femoral prosthesis, which works fine. And yet, most elderly people undergoing hip fracture, become permanently impaired, and the cause is not trauma, but several weeks of enforced bed rest.

In his old age need not exercise as a preventive measure, but as a necessary means to maintain the bones, ligaments and muscles working. No gym, no activity of the muscles shrink, harden bunch of bones leaches calcium and colon becomes sluggish. So spend less time in bed. Move more, often walk.

Manage your emotions

From time to time, each man is likely to look back at the path and tries to get answers to questions like: “What I’ve spent the intervening years? What I have achieved? What value is my life for the society and my family?”. He is constantly trying to compare myself now to the man who dreamed of becoming.
Men make up only 30% of the total number of patients seeking psychotherapeutic help. Perhaps, in fact, more of them. Many men are not satisfied with life, burn his own emotions with which they are unable to control.

As compensation, they often choose not care physician, and other common (and harmful) ways of getting rid of stress. Men to abuse alcohol and drugs to 3 times more often than women. The number of suicides among them are also 3 times higher, and more than 90% of serious crimes committed by men.



So far, in the sections on priorities for mens health, we discussed five major areas, leading to the goal. I checked them myself. True, my good mens health at a young age is not yet a proof of the correctness of my advice (personal statements are worth nothing, although there are very colorful). However, you can expect from an advisor that he himself followed his advice, and this is about something said.

My philosophy is that life really is full of pain and frustration, but good in it anymore. Since the main source of emotional difficulties is the relationship with the people and the success in achieving their own goals, I have identified two separate headings in the Council.

Of course, there are plenty of other recommendations in this regard, but these are easy to learn and perform, without prejudice to self-esteem of most men.
Learn how to answer “no” without feeling guilty. Relationships with others are often accompanied by the most powerful emotions, and most of these relationships, as a rule, is made verbally (verbally).

Here, nearly everyone is experiencing difficulties, resulting in a number of books and psychotherapeutic schools which teach communication. At the bestseller lists of XX century one can always find a very attractive name – from “How to acquire friends, and to attract people” to “little book with instructions on how to live.” Such publications are too optimistic, but as a rule, very realistic.
But avoid the authors, tells you how to win in a dispute, conduct successful negotiations, etc.

First of all, such things almost impossible to learn, and secondly – and most importantly – productive interaction in any case does not involve the concept of victory or defeat. It is much easier to choose the mean – honestly express their desires without letting yourself be manipulated by.

Nearly every person experiences discomfort, denying a request komulibo, suddenly changed his mind, allowing yourself mistakes, causing criticism from creating or inconvenience to those who must serve it.

Authorities in this area are advised on how to overcome this discomfort, but I am convinced that the best thing that schools teach behavioral therapy, where the course is devoted to teaching self-confidence.
Plan ahead goals in life.

Take the will and strength to achieve them, and quickly rebuilt, when they change. Men who want to achieve faster execution of your desires, often become criminals or drug addicts. Those who are willing to wait, turn to books and seminars explaining ways to achieve goals.

Their attraction to men like attractive dietary guidelines for women.
It is no exaggeration to say that every man, set themselves reasonable goals in life, can easily reach them, although this will require considerable effort.