Low Carb Diet – Calories Intake to Lose Weight.

Low Carb Diet is restricting the carbohydrates in the diet to a minimum quantity to maintain a constant level of the hormone insulin.

   In this mode, the body energy production isprimarily through the oxidation of fat and lower levels of amino acids.

low carb diet lose weight

Which foods are involved in the preparation of Low Carb Diet?

Basic foods, on which is based the regime are those rich in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates. This group includes:

    meat and meat products
    fish and seafood
    milk (whole milk) and dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese, cheese, etc.).

To maintain the level of the hormone insulin in normal, reasonable consumption is 0.8 to 1.1 g carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight.

   Them you can get from bread, rice and rice products, cereals, maize, potatoes, peas, oatmeal, chestnut.

   In calculating your daily calorie balance, you will know what amount of fat in food you need, so that you lose weight smoothly and continuously.

   Sources of fat are like most of the above groups, and one with a superior amount of fat than other substances in food.

   Such foods include vegetable oils from seeds and nuts, olive oil, lard, butter, tallow (not recommended), cream, processed cheese with a fat content above 60%, seeds, palm and coconut oils.

It is desirable to limit the intake of fruits in small portions (200 -300 g) sour fruit

in the morning before breakfast.

   Vegetable salads are required and accompany any meal.

   If the fat contained in the main dishes are under your individual optimum, the addition of vegetable oil in salad dressing will cover the difference.

  For an exotic taste, but also because of the high content of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it is worth to pay attention to the sprouts.

   Their presence in the salads to the regime will allow the complex to avoid vitamin and mineral supplements. Preferably, with the exception of soybeans, other legumes should be avoided.

How to allocate food intake in the Low Carb Diet?

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