Low Carb Diet – Best Weight Loss Program?

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Low Carb Diet should not lead to unwanted loss of muscle tissue.

   The last meal of the day is mostly protein, preferably in the composition are combined to more than 1 type of protein (meat and milk or egg and milk, etc.). In combination with less fat.

How to prepare a meal with the Low Carb Diet?

Meat foods must undergo heat treatment. Smoked foods are not recommended.      

     Vegetables are eaten raw, steamed or stewed in oil. Food stew, cooked by steaming and served raw, boiled or baked in the oven or grill.

   What type of preparation will be most effective in accordance with arrangements of this type?

Due to the onset of ketosis and moderate to low glucose levels, the most effective exercises are those with an average duration of 30 to 45 minutes, which are used relatively large amounts of energy (in the spectrum of strength endurance).

   A good example of such training is long Tae-Bo workouts, and drills in the power spectrum of systems. Very exhausting  Aerobic workouts  quickly lead to danger of low carb diet to cause causing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Stopping exercise before exhaustion  will prevent this life threatening condition. If you still feel sick you need to eat 100 grams of diabetic chocolate with fructose. When it comes to this state, no more training is allowed  that day.

How the Low Carb Diet regime will affect my health?

There is relatively rapid and constant degradation of fat.

   After 4-8 weeks of practice mode you should definitely take place 4-6 weeks to keep an even balance or maintain a low carbohydrate diet.

   Problem with this high-protein regime is maintaining insulin levels, which are important for the recovery of muscle fibers after exercise.

   If the amount of food is individually tailored so that weight loss is steady and constant, but within 5 to 8% by weight per month, the regime suffered virtually no serious criticism. Achieved uniformly lower total fat while losing muscle tissue is within the minimum.

Low Carb Diet, Atkins Diet or Mediterranean Diet– and the winner is??




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low carb diet shed pounds

Since humans are capable of producing insulin, it is desirable to conduct day high carbohydrate menu every 5 to 7 (10 men) days of the regime.

   This will allow them to maintain the rate of fat burning relatively constant. Larger amounts of fat in the composition of food can cause some gastrointestinal discomfort.

   If this happens, it is best to switch to a lighter diet if you want to Lose weight – evenly balanced.

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