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how to stop ear ringing

How To Stop Ear Ringing – Solutions To Help me Get Rid of the Noise In the Ears! Loud noise is the reason behind the ear to sound like a rock concert, heavy equipment work, so one suffering from blood pressure and hearing loss may also suffer from tinnitus. If someone does not know then…

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celiac disease, gluten free diet

Celiac Disease – What is it and How to Treat it? Celiac diseaseis common in Europe, Australia, North and South America and in countries with high consumption of cereals – India, Middle East and North Africa.    One out of 100 people suffers from it.In healthy people the intestinal wall is covered with cloth and…

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Polyps in the nose and larynx! Nasal polyps Allergic polyp Represents hyperplastic growth of the lining, usually located on the leg. Its development is associated with allergic disorders – rhinitis. Its surface is cushioned with normal respiratory epithelium with thickened basal membrane. Stromal  and is swollen. There is eosinophilic infiltration of leukocytes. These polyps can…

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What are STDs? What are the symptoms and the Treatment of STD? The Sexually Transited Infections are numerous, and their symptoms, and treatment is …


What is Gout and Gout causes – learn what causes Gout and How to treat it   So, What is Gout? Simply- Gout (gouty arthritis)  is   accumulation of salts. Disease state in humans, referred to as gout, is caused by disturbances in the body of uric acid exchange, a persistent increase its level in the…

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Rheumatism licks the joints and bites the heart! Rheumatism is an infection-allergic disease which is caused by beta hemolytic streptococcus group A. Streptococcal infection is usually in the form of prolonged and / or recurrent purulent tonsillitis. The long presence of this organism in the pus on the tonsils entails as the second disease rheumatism….

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