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Cancer Survivor Stories  – what a human spirit! She is a woman in her early seventies years; apparent age – meeting the actual, average height, normal physique, adequate, living, smiling. 42 years old (in 1980) has undergone the first operation on the occasion of colonic cancer. The tumor was removed and it is cut away…

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vaginits anatomy

What is Vaginitis, and How It Is Tied To Yeast Infection?
Basically the Vaginitis is an inflammation of the Vagina. There are various causes for It, but the one caused by the Candida is…

pneumonia and treatment

Pneumonia – What is it and How to Handle It! Pneumonia is an acute or chronic inflammation of the lungs where the alveoli are affected and / or interstitial. Pneumonia are the most common cause of death among infectious diseases. They are fifth in the statistics on diseases, causing death. Classification of pneumonia According to…

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how to stop ear ringing

How To Stop Ear Ringing – Solutions To Help me Get Rid of the Noise In the Ears! Loud noise is the reason behind the ear to sound like a rock concert, heavy equipment work, so one suffering from blood pressure and hearing loss may also suffer from tinnitus. If someone does not know then…

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celiac disease, gluten free diet

Celiac Disease – What is it and How to Treat it? Celiac diseaseis common in Europe, Australia, North and South America and in countries with high consumption of cereals – India, Middle East and North Africa.    One out of 100 people suffers from it.In healthy people the intestinal wall is covered with cloth and…

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Rheumatism licks the joints and bites the heart! Rheumatism is an infection-allergic disease which is caused by beta hemolytic streptococcus group A. Streptococcal infection is usually in the form of prolonged and / or recurrent purulent tonsillitis. The long presence of this organism in the pus on the tonsils entails as the second disease rheumatism….

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