Impotence in Men – what are the causes for it?

 The lack of sex drive is a serious matter. Often the problem can cause annoying problems for the sufferers and their partners.

The hormonal changes of aging, are reported by patients as the prime suspects.

Furthermore, the psychological causes are often suspicious and other cases such as low self-esteem, overwork and more.




impotence in men, erectile dysfunction

Impotence in Men and what the most common reasons for it?

Here are some of the most common factors that can affects sex drive or libido in men and  and deteriorate mens health in bed.

  1. lack of physical activity and reduced blood flow to the penis
  2. excessive smoking and alcohol abuse that not only affects blood circulation but also testosterone levels
  3. a drop in testosterone production
  4. increased stress levels
  5. lack of sleep
  6. being overweight etc.,

Impotence in Men – what are the other possible reasons?

However, some of the possible causes can be missed and further alienate the solution for the couple. Care in the intake of food, medicine or the use of cosmetics can make a difference in these cases.

According to experts, these substances may be due to lack of libido. We invite men who are concerned about their lack of libido and erections natural exercises to test following natural exercises for penis .

It will be of better value than any alternative. you have to know that with the appropriate health remedies the Impotence in men can be cures in the majority of the cases.

If you want to improve your sex life and safe your marriage, you might want to take some steps in that direction.


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