The Ideal Size Penis, and Is It a myth?

The world in which we live is built or founded on male thinking and therefore is a world that sustains phallocracy. From the beginning, man took power and subjected to its power and tyranny to all those who were different or opposed to his philosophy or thought.

Ideal Penis Size

The male became God and as God, the man decided to subdue the weaker. Should only review the history of man and his religions to accept this statement: All the great gods are men: Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus Christ, among many others.

Ideal Size Penis – where did it start from?

This has brought so palpable another phenomenon: the Genitofilia, which is more than the obsession with genitals and size. Where does the idea size penis fits?

In recent years, advertising has bombed and increased concern about male sexuality and their size at all ages, making it an obsession. This has become an important part of the mens health aspects.

Ideal Size Penis – does that sound familiar?

Since long time ago we sold the idea that bigger is better, a bigger house, a huge truck, a giant fridge and of course a bigger penis. But the question is from the earliest times Better quality or quantity? How can you quantify Health? Ideally both, but you can not have everything in life and have to make do with what we have and what we found, or rather with what we happen to us.

What the studies are saying about Ideal Penis Size?

There have been many investigations into the penis and its size, and they all agree in a mean or average although the results vary in each study, but it is believed that the size of the erect penis is, on average, approximately 12.9 to 15 cm long, with a confidence interval ranging from 10.7 to 19.1 inches, while the perimeter (circumference) average has been established near the 12.6 cm (4.97 inches), with a standard deviation of 1.29 cm.

What is the Ideal Size Penis for the different ethic groups?

While it is commonly accepted that there are physical differences between human groups of different ethnic origin for example, eye color or hair texture, among other differences, the issue of ideal size penis and penis size variation has been a taboo because it could take a reading that would imply that a specific ethnic group or race is “superior” or “inferior” to another.

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