Ideal Size Penis – how do you measure up?

The question of the correlation between penis size and ethnicity is therefore very controversial, and has not been definitively established. Franz Fanon’s intellectual leans towards the view that the supposed positive correlation between large penises and African ancestry is a myth. Mens health and men size can not not be really differentiated between the races.



IDEAL SIZE PENIS – where the people have bigger Sizes?

Instead, a statistical study called “Race, Evolution and Behavior: An overview of the history of life” in 1995 Fanon argues otherwise.

Allen’s rule and Bergmann’s rule that men made in warmer climates tend to have a surface to volume ratio higher, to help heat dissipation. I.e as we approach the tropics and Ecuador are more gifted men.

What are the cultural debates about IDEAL SIZE PENIS?

Cultural arguments involved in the relationship between penis size and ethnicity are complex. For example, in the History of African slaves were often perceived as sexual animals, becoming a myth that still persists. No wonder the Ideal size penis is still open issue.

To date, no conclusive evidence that ethnicity and penis size are related, and all correlative studies have been conducted have been rejected by the scientific community due to its lack of rigor or lack of verifiable data .

IDEAL SIZE PENIS – what are the statistics saying?

However, at the above and agree as scientists and specialists on this topic, the statistics (not yet approved by the scientific community) show that 0.5% of men have measures less than 10cm and 32% more than 15cm, it seems that there are men who can surpass these figures and their penises measured up to 35 cm long, as is the case with porn actor John Holmes.

IDEAL SIZE PENIS – the summary on the penis size.

These figures or previous data or research are made or valid in Caucasian men or Western targets. The average Asian or Oriental is about 10cm long and the inquiries of the black ethnic groups is between 16 and 20cm.

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