Ideal Size of Penis – What is it?

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The is no doubt that the issue about the ideal penis size is being widely discussed by both men and women behind closed doors.

That is why, I will give you some more facts about it, and shad some light on the topic.





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So, where does that “best penis size” comes from?

In our nature, man and woman were made to empathize and to procreate, multiply (as ordered by God in the Bible).

For this purpose, nature, God or do not know exactly who, gave us a penis for men and a vagina to women.

This is possible as we all know the man ejaculates into the vagina of women, which receives the male sperm with genetic information.

All this seems very cold and does not cause does not cause major surprise.

But The big problem is coming from the thick books. You can not find a chapter named “Ideal Size of Penis“, that is for sure..

They quite often describe the procreation just as a Physical, mechanical act, with the only goal of making kids.

What do women say about orgasms and penis size?

According to a new study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, one-third of women who frequently have vaginal orgasms claim they’re more likely to climax when having sex with men with larger penises.

Researchers asked more than 300 women how often they had sex, how frequently they had vaginal and/or clitoral orgasms, and whether or not penis length influenced their ability to orgasm during intercourse. Out of the 160 women who often experienced vaginal-only orgasms and had enough partners to compare sizes, one third said they preferred longer-than-average penises.


So, when did the Ideal Size Of Penis  topic start to surface?

For many years, this subject was taboo especially for women. They did not speak or evaluate the performance of a man and his mens health  and size.

They were not allowed to comment on sexual level and regarded by the “macho culture”  as “inappropriate.”

The Ideal size of penis topic, or ay other for that reason were sort of taboo.

The point is that both satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and how women felt about sex and sexual satisfaction were in dark , not until recent years.

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19 cm Dick – Is This The Best Penis Length?

Therefore, there is arising concern to know what the answer to the question “what is the ideal size of penis“.

Some women say that there is no ideal size of penis and size does not matter, others say it does matideal size of penister, a lot.


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Digging even deeper, others say that what matters is how you the man moves.

The mens health is important also, in what shape his health is, is he physically fit.

So, the Ideal Size Of Penis is not that exact science!

The truth is that I compare this with anything so simple and common as the effectiveness of a car, knife, sword or a hammer.

If we have an excellent knife, sharp and good metal, but we do not use, it is true that some good will we get it but not optimal.

But if otherwise we had a smaller knife with a blade less but we know that very well explode, it’s really possible to overcome the productivity of the knife in the example above.

Ok, but how you tie-up ideal size of penis and men health by using the knife example?

This sounds simple and good, in other words, if a man has a penis considered “small” but his body is well-worked (athletic) and “knows how to move well,” he will be preferred over a guy who has a larger and thicker penis.

That guy might have a bigger penis, but he does not have good physical condition, or knows how to move to create fiction within the vagina of women.

Now, does ideal size of penis really matter? What about the thickness of the Penis?

In short, reading different blogs, testimonies of different women of different ages, body, taste and experience, the truth is that nothing sand and stone.

Yet, there is strong tendency to summarize all the data by three factors: thickness, length and movement.

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These three factors, along with caresses, place, time, words are the factors that will make a woman satisfied or unsatisfied.

It is also true that a big mens health (meaning penis) , thick penis, have their importance, as well.

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So, what is the magic formula behind “Ideal Penis Size“?

You can satisfy a woman sexually, but never forget that there are other equally or more important points such as:

  • passion, caresses and charms a man can give women to produce excitement.

Size is one thing, the thick penis is another one, sex movement, another is words, caresses, the sum and division of these will bring you closer to the truth.

The best exercise to increase penis size and boost stamina in bed?

Finally, I refer strictly to the ideal penis size. According to a survey applied to women who visit the website, there is a table of dimensions “ideals” of the penis in both length and width.

I will include them in later post.

What is the best proven way to increase penis size?

Each woman has her needs and characteristics, each case is particular, like all things, we are not robots, we are humans,we feel …

If we want to satisfy your partner, give her all the best of our love and sexual characteristics.

Do not forget that the first are feelings and pleasure. Your overall sexual health as couple is more important.

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Our mind and spirit must be focused on delivering all, relax to enjoy the moment of the best. So, the ideal size of penis is not just measures, but has a lot more to it.



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