Is 19 cm dick ideal – How To Find Out What It Is?

The size of the penis, and also a man’s height and size of the penis are two also different things. Determining the size of the penis, the main indicator is the size of the penis during erection.



Ideal Penile Size – what is the general classification?

Penises can be classified based on:

     statistics – average, small, large
     proportions of growth – the length of the penis: 10% growth in men.

Since the ideal penis size for men during erection in a relatively wide range amplitude, while the average statistical studies established the size of the penis. Penis size is divided into the average penis, small or large.

During the various studies produced an average size penis to erect 15-18 cm in circumference and 13 cm.

Penis which length is less than 15 cm, small, and one that is longer than 18 cm is considered large. (  1 inch = 2.54 cm)

10 – 13 cm -10%
13 – 15 cm – 20%
15 – 16 cm – 25%
16 – 18 cm – 30%
18 – 20 cm – 10%
20 – 22 cm – 3%
> 23 cm – 1%

For most men about 70%, the size of the penis during an erection is no more than 15 cm!

So, what is the the ideal penis size – is it 22 cm penis?

The human body was built in proportion. These proportions are strictly taken into account by drawing rights.

The penis, too, has a certain proportion, for example, the ratio of length to the circumference, the size of the head relative to the length of the penis and the ratio of the penis to increase in men.

Ideally, the mens penis is erect at 10% of the growth in men, but in a calm state of 2 cm + 5% growth.

The ideal penis size is a combination of factors:

    Hence, the male height 180 cm penis in erection must be 18 cm, and in a calm state of 11 cm dick.

In men, the growth of 190 cm with an average size of the 16 cm penis (16 cm) visually penis looks small, and the penis length of 19 cm will be proportional to its growth.

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Defining the parameters of an ideal penis should take into account all these parameters and the shape of the penis, foreskin, the ratio of the mens penis size of the glans penis and the trunk of other anatomical and functional performance.
The ideal member is long and thick, with well-developed foreskin and head member, with a properly located urethra and sustained erection.

Few men, the penis size which is ideal is hard to find. But just as many are trying to build an athletic physique, visiting the gym, the same way it is necessary to improve the mens penis size lenght and girth to bring it closer to the ideal size, and also boost your sexual health.


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