How to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally – What I need To Know about Hemorrhoids?

Having hemorrhoids means in technical terms have hemorrhoids are inflamed, painful and sometimes bleeding, the term itself evokes the loss of blood. Can we use apply home remedies to cure hemorrhoids?

So technically speaking hemorrhoids are today considered to be absolutely physiological vascular anatomical structures rich nerve innervations, participating actively in the ability to contain through the anal sphincter gases, liquids and feces in a voluntary and well-controlled.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally – fist off, are the hemorrhoids a disease?

It is now believed that hemorrhoids are not the disease itself but the result of a disease and this is already a step ahead. In Chinese medicine, every disease is the result of a hidden pathology that has originated prior. In Western medicine even if you know many etiologic factors and predisposing factors are still many diseases of unknown etiology.



how to treat hemorrhoids naturally

In particular, the current of thought today no longer considers hemorrhoids as pathological, and the complete removal of the haemorrhoidal plexus as the surgical procedure more efficient, but the opposite. Namely the intervention seeks to limit the removal of hemorrhoidal tissue to a minimum to not damage to the complicated system of faecal continence and further create other health problems.

Knowing the Cause Help us to decide How to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally.

The technology has allowed us to observe that the anal mucosa of patients with prolapsed hemorrhoids and inflammation is often considered as the cause of inflammation. But I think it is legitimate to ask: inflammation of hemorrhoids, by inflating the vascular tissue and so-called haemorrhoidal tissue, can not itself cause a sliding of the anal mucosa?

How to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home: The branches full of ripe fruit of a tree may not yield down?

The mechanical explanation that considers the mucosal prolapse as the main reason for this is not wrong. Even Tons of pregnant women and very constipated subjects have exactly this explanation, or upon pushing hard during a bowel movement, and stool during the childbirth, the anal mucosa may transfer down causing inflammation of the haemorrhoidal tissue.

But we also think that, and pregnancy and faecal masses are stagnant due to a compromised blood flow due to more direct mechanical compression on the venous structures.

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