How to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home – what steps to take to minimize the risk?

Also the static position maintained for a long time can be considered a cause predisposing to the development of hemorrhoids. But we can consider as the only cause constipation? There are many patients who suffer from hemorrhoids and do not suffer from constipation.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home – how they use to do it in the old days?

In Chinese medicine, hemorrhoids are often a sign of internal heat, especially if they burn and bleed or itch and if they are accompanied by full and strong wrists. No coincidence that they respond very well to natural herbal medicine focused on internal heat and stagnation of blood, itself a source of heat. In addition, constipation is often a sign of internal heat.

how to treat hemorrhoids naturally at home

How to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home: Why not just go to the Doctor, right?

The fact that the adult population suffers from so much of this problem especially for men is unquestioned. Indeed I believe that the incidence of men who suffer from hemorrhoids occasionally or reoccurence is much higher than can be found on the texts. They are in fact many men who do not confess even to their doctor about their health problems.

The men in some sense suffer from hemorrhoids at the same rate that women frequently suffer from cystitis or vaginitis. There are cases of women with hemorrhoids and men with cystitis and prostatitis, of course, we do not make extreme generalizations.

What I meant is that the incidence of hemorrhoids in humans appears to have the same weight in the incidence of urogenital infections and inflammation in women.

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