How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally and boost the Sex Life!

Do not smoke. Research of Massachusetts has found that smoking, which had already been linked to erectile problems, can also amplify the negative effects so striking of heart disease or medicines.




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In heart patients who took drugs and smoked, the likelihood of suffering from impotence was 56 percent, compared with I121 percent of heart patients who did not smoke.

What has smoking to do with How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally?

20 percent of men with high blood pressure, smoking could not get an erection, this percentage went down to the S, 5 percent in hypertensives who did not smoke.

“While we can not change the age, race and family history, to reduce other risk factors like smoking, cholesterol, inactivity and hypertension proved to be a realistic method to promote heart health,” says Professor shots.

 How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally -what about the drugs?

Watch out for drugs. Erection problems are also closely related to medicines for high blood pressure, vasodilators (which dilate blood vessels), to products for diabetics and other drugs.

Turn to experienced staff. If you have erection problems, it is probably time that you take courage in both hands and looking for help.

Take the first step is apparently the most difficult, in fact, 64 percent of those who see these problems is to be done for a year or more, and it is not unusual for men to wait five or ten years before seeking help According to research carried out by urologists at the Impotence Information Center.

What is one of the biggest concerns when looking to find out  How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally?

The biggest concern: having to talk openly with someone. The second major concern: to resolve it will need a surgery (which is very, very unlikely).

In general, men are turning to a doctor only when the situation has become intolerable, says Dr. Kenneth Goldberg, founder and director of the Male Health Center in Dallas.

First, we clarify that, as we have already said there is nothing to be ashamed to repeat, only in Italy, statistics estimate about 3 million men with erection problems:

in this issue also includes all those men who do not feel certain to suffer from impotence, and yet are often unable to have sex as good as they would like (and could!).

Not later than twenty years ago, if you had gone to a specialist to talk to your sexual problem, almost certainly would have told you it was all in your head.

“This is only partly true.

 How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally – what are some of the other road blocks?

In recent years we have discovered that not only the emotional and psychological problems to cause most cases of impotence,” says Professor John M. Strokes, head of the Department of Urology of the San Paolo in Milan.

“The progress made ??

In mapping the penile blood flow have shown that approximately l ’80 or even 90 percent of’ impotence is organic (has physical causes). This is more likely in men over 50 years.”

For many of us this news is a relief: it’s probably a defective carburetor and not some twisted Freudian complex that has to do with the mother.


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