how to stop premature ejaculation

how to stop premature ejaculation


How To Stop Premature Ejaculation in Men and Gain that Lost Confidence Back

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However, the mere abstinence is sometimes very useful, especially for those who are not very understanding in choosing partners.

It helps people better understand themselves, learn self-control and forms the character. It is true that men tend to find it difficult to abstain.

In his youth, abstinence from sexual intercourse – a normal phenomenon, and it is completely harmless to health.

At the same ones who for thirty long-term abstinence leads to a gradual extinction of the sexual function.

Sexologists claim that abstinence in men occur in two phases. At first there is the sexual concerns, and then the erotic dreams appear.

If there is no way for the implementation of sexual desire, then comes the second phase – a quiet, when the attraction is reduced, sexual problems just stopped caring. and then comes the point when a person can do without many months of sexual intercourse, almost without suffering from it.

After a long period of abstinence in men may experience temporary sexual problems: the slow emergence of an erection, or a too rapid ejaculation and completion of the intercourse.

So, just to understand all the processes from the point of view of the physiology you can decide for yourself how often to have sex.

The main thing is that sex always gives you pleasure and a desire to re-summoned with your loved one.

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