How to Stop Premature Ejaculation 

And Get Much Harder Erections

last longer in bed and stop pe

   Men who are affected by premature ejaculation sometimes reluctant to speak.

   These men think of how to stop premature ejaculation as a problem that they feel less of a “real man” causes.

  The truth is that many men suffer from this disease and there is potential to stop and re-active and satisfying sex life.

    Can be found is sometimes the problem with the muscles near the prostate.

   These muscles control the the way you want  to know how to stop premature ejaculation process and if they lose control, they lose elasticity and firmness.

   To go back and force the muscles more flexible, we need to do exercises several times a day, with all or part of the methods that you can be online or in books.

   Anxiety or stress can also cause muscle tension and force a more rapid ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

There are several ways to stop stress-induced premature ejaculation solutions. Take some time in the first round without ejaculation is a fundamental way to ensure that the sexual act is not completed before it even begins.

   Most women love the pleasure they receive preliminary and men can also learn to appreciate it.

    Breathe deeply as you can love even prolong ejaculation make. Deep breaths can act as an element of relaxation and can help you to stay, sensitive, but under control.

   Prior to sexual arousal, you engage your partner in a full body massage including the genital area.

   Alternatively, massage and explore each other all the body parts. Take your time and not rush to the sex act.

    Poor health or psychological problems can also be causes of premature ejaculation. He feels the tension ejaculate too early, before his partner is happy and angry against him, because he has lost control.

   How to overcome this problem is to get to know people better with his body, and include various forms of therapy, such as Tantric sex.

Tantric sex involves a “stop and start” technique, which reduces sexual arousal by the stop just before ejaculation, start again and repeat several times throughout the report sex with his partner. Breathing exercises also help tantric sex completely relaxes the body.

    Communication with your sexual partners is critical to stop premature ejaculation mens problems.

   Learn your partner in sex advice, express what you feel, if present, is welcome to improve for you both.

    With the knowledge and willingness to armed struggle against premature ejaculation, this problem can be overcome and you can decide the best method is good for you.

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