How to Stop Premature Ejaculation and last forever..!

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how to stop premature ejaculation


How to stop premature ejaculation? Orgasm without ejaculation?

Long time ago, about three thousand years ago, the Chinese knew that a man can experience multiple orgasms, with delaying of the ejaculation, and even preventing it altogether. It is all related to men health and your knowing how to handle yourself.

This is possible because orgasm and ejaculation are two distinct physiological processes, although in the West for a long time they were identified.

It was not until the 1940s, when pioneering work on this subject was published by Alfred Kinsey. It has been more than a half a century since then.

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation and Have multiple orgasms!

His discovery was confirmed in the laboratory – and yet, most men do not know anything about their ability to have multiple orgasms.

Without this knowledge, and without technical training most men are unable to tell the difference between incremental spasm, orgasm and ejaculation.

The fact that men can have many orgasms, for most of us is so unexpected, that no one can believe it.

   In this connection it is worth recalling that it was about 40 years ago, when the notion that women can have multiple orgasms was “legitimized.”

Amazing thing happened to women when they learned that this is possible.

About 50 years ago, when Kinski was studying women’s sexuality, only 14% of women experienced multiple orgasms, but now these women are over 50%!

On the topic of the multiple orgasm in men.

   The first orgasm almost always occurs without ejaculation, and the next orgasms can be accompanied by ejaculation, if you decide so.

Once you learn how to stop premature ejaculation, you can have practically unlimited orgasms.

   The time when you were going for just “getting the Job done” slogan are in the past. Now, you are in control!

If you are amongst the men who desire to Stop Premature Ejaculation – start now, and you will be able to Last Longer In Bed.

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