How To Stop Premature Ejaculation – How They Did It?

   The taoist technique – in ancient China, the people teaching “tao”, the masters of love (“Tao” or “dao” – the path) argued that any man who is unable to satisfy her/his partner, can learn this art.

   More than two thousand years ago, Taoist doctors wrote books that openly talked about love and sex.

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   Sexual intercourse in these works were seen as a necessary condition for the physical and spiritual health.

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation – what is the right approach to Sex?

Special emphasis was placed on the technique of love, brought to the degree of art. At the same time, the control over premature ejaculation was considered as the most important part.

The questions like “how to stop premature ejaculation?” were not a problem to answer. With the use of special techniques and training they were able to master that art.

According to the teachings of “Tao”, a man belongs to the beginning of “yang”, whose feature is the easy and rapid excitation.

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation how to Make her Shine!

  The woman belongs to the beginning of “yin” – meaning she is excited and slowly saturates.

In other words, men and women need different time for reaching both: arousal and orgasm.

And the challenge is to approximately equalize them, and ideally – to achieve synchronization of these terms.

In “Tao,” in the signs of sexual satisfaction, ancient Chinese believed that there were five “signals” indicating that a woman is satisfied.

Some of the signs are:

her breathing will become more frequent;

Her nipples will harden, her voice will become harsh..

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