How to Reduce Thigh Fat-How to Lose Fat on Thighs

Exercise to Reduce Thigh Fat-an addition to your Diet.

Thigh Slimming Diet Menu-How to Reduce Thigh Fat

Tips: How to Reduce Thigh Fat
When we are looking for tips on how to lose weight, we often forget that it is equally important to consider where we want to lose weight. Diets are many, but most of them are designed for general weight loss. A thigh, as you know,can lose weight  the least of all. The reason is that our body first burns calories derived from carbohydrates, and only then is taken as fat. Therefore, if the diet includes a lot of carbohydrates, our thighs are unchanged.


It is known that on average we consume 115 g per day of fat, while the physiological needs of the fat is only 30 grams!

Mostly fat hidden from our eyes – it is hiding in the finished product in the form of cakes, biscuits, sausages, and we, as much as we love pastries, forget it, thereby rapidly increasing the buildup of fat in our body.

In women, fat accumulates mainly in the abdomen and thighs. Why is it appears there? It is known that the main physiological function of women – bear and give birth to a healthy baby. To do this, nature has given us the secondary sexual characteristics, including body fat in the hips, pelvis, buttocks and abdomen. Through them, we can take out the child in a variety of environmental conditions.

In addition, we overload the body with various harmful additives contained in the products, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, air and water. There comes a time when the body is unable to cope with this flood of harmful impurities. To minimize the danger to us, he sends them all in the same area of ​​the thighs and buttocks, away from vital organs.

This explains, to lose weight in the thighs, should be considered as-how to lose fat in the thighs!

Low -fat Diet- How to Reduce Thigh Fat” Diet

The sense of power that can eat anything, but the daily rate of fat intake should not exceed:
– 30-40 grams a day, if you lose weight
– 40-50 grams if you maintain weight.

The fat content of some products can be found in the table of the chemical composition of products.

This is a system of balanced and varied nutrition, which can keep indefinitely-if it means losing weight, and eventually support  the new weight level.

It is important to know that to completely remove the fat from the diet is impossible, they play a role  in the normal functioning of our body and their deficiency can lead to health problems.

Under the ban:

Fried in butter (any) products. You can boil or bake without butter, in juice

Fatty sauces and filling – mayonnaise, sour cream and sauces based on them

Big magician, pizza, chips

Chocolate- Sorrry….:(

Coca-Cola and all soft drinks

Ice cream, all the pastries, cakes various, including dietetic biscuits, because there too much fat

Salt-smoked, including Bloated fish (about the usefulness of fatty acids contained in fish concerns only fresh fish)

Nuts and seeds – are high in calories, more fat (some nuts contain about 60 grams of fat per 100g)

No sausages, carbonates, sosisek, sausages, etc.

No fried potatoes

Butter, margarine and all similar avenue you., Cream, sour cream, whole milk, etc., and all foods containing whole milk, eggs, cream (salad dressings, mayonnaise, cheese sauce, cottage cheese, etc. e)

Lard, vegetable oil (all grades), frying fat, suet, etc.

Milk pudding, rice diet than

Fat or skin from any meat, poultry, etc.

Cheese and curd, other than fat-free yogurt

Egg yolk (protein is allowed without restrictions)

Goose, and every speck

Meat dishes, such as stuffed eggs, pork pies, pates, liverwurst

Cocoa and cocoa products



Egg products, such as cakes, egg cream, pancakes, etc.

Tips – what to eat to lose weight in the hips

Meat – fat-free, ie low-fat varieties and parts.

Poultry (chicken, turkey) – skinless breast and better (less greasy).

Vegetables (including salad) – without any restrictions, but without fatty dressings.

Mushrooms (fresh in fewer calories and fat than in the dry).

Fruit – without any restrictions.

Bread – bran, black.

Soups- or water, or skim milk, no  butter, cream, chocolate paste, etc.

Rice – brown, instead of salt and spices – a couple of bouillon cubes.

Buckwheat – instead of salt and spices – a couple of bouillon cubes.

Pasta – without the addition of eggs, cheese, oily sauce.

Dairy products – with the lowest fat content.

Tips – how to eat to lose weight
The daily need of nutrients for weight loss:

150 grams of protein foods (fish, poultry, meat, cheese, baked beans)

300 grams of vegetables (including lettuce)

300 grams of fruit and fruit juices

150 grams of carbohydrates (bread, cereal, potatoes, rice, pasta, buckwheat)

250 grams of skim milk

Allowed: 1 serving of alcohol for women + 3 additional servings per week (optional)

The daily need for nutrients in maintaining weight loss:

175 grams of protein (meat, fish, eggs, cheese)

350 grams of fruit or vegetables

100 grams of carbohydrates


The following foods can be eaten very sparingly: milk puddings, cooked in fat-free milk, salad dressing (low fat) ice cream (no butter), skim milk for pancakes, nuts – very little, no butter sauces, soups, puree soups except .

Tea and coffee without milk can be drunk without any restrictions or can be added to skim milk.

Norm is 1 serving of alcohol per day (1 glass of dry wine, a glass of fortified wine or 250ml of beer), the consumption of clean water is not limited. Grape, apple, orange and other juices you can drink in moderation.

Mixtures of vegetables and herbs can be used without restrictions for flavoring dishes and breads. For salads, choose fat-free refueling.

We continue to avoid the following products:

• Butter, margarine.
• Vegetable oil, lard, etc.
• Toasted bread.
• Biscuits and all the sweet variety.
• Cakes, with a fat content of more than 12 grams per 100 grams.
• Powdered milk, fat, condensed and cream.
• Fatty cheese, cottage cheese, processed cheese.
• Fat from meat and skin from poultry, fat bacon and pork fat.
• Smoked sausages, pates, meat pies, etc.
• Fish oil, canned food.
• All fried foods, except mushrooms and onions.
• dried coconut.
• Almonds, Brazil nuts.
• Chocolate, toffee, caramel, candy.
• Mayonnaise, sour cream (except skim).
• marzipan.
• Sauces with butter.
• Avocado.

Now you know what is and How to reduce Thigh Fat. So start today and then after a month your thighs will finally start to like you…..:)

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