How to Maintain Weight – How to Lose Weight and keep it off.

To understand how to maintain weight, lets look at a hypothetical example.

   Suppose that a man had a normal weight of 140 pounds, but because of flaws in the diet

how to maintain weight

Can you keep up the pounds off?

(eating) for 2 years, he added 6 lbs.

How to Maintain Weight for a longer period, how hard is it?

   With the help of, for example, a strict diet, he successfully lose those extra pounds and achieve their former weight of 140 pounds. Then he returned to his former way of life.

Question: how long before he will recover again to 146 pounds?

Do you think that in 2 years? Oh, if only it were so! It would be great!

   Then to maintain their normal weight would be pretty easy.

Imagine, just once in two years to survive a strict diet for 2-3 weeks – and again two years you can have everything you want and what you want.

How to Maintain weight in the long run?

But the real evidence shows quite differently! The human body after suffering a hard fasting or dieting  tends to return to the preexisting condition.

   And quite quickly (within a few weeks!) the Weight is returned to its original, and often even more than before.

This is the phenomenon of recoil – the return to the old diet after discharge diet or starvation weight relatively quickly restored to the old values, and sometimes even exceeds them.

So, is there any particular way that shows how to maintain weight?

It should be noted that there is a good kind of weight loss recovery.

   There is a phenomenon that when a person loses weight first to weight smaller than normal (so to speak, lose weight) and then the weight increases to normal and it stops right there.

   Unfortunately, this form of recovery is rare. Much more often happens that weight increases to values ​​clearly larger than the norm.

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