How to Maintain Weight -Fasting and Diet.

By the way, the great promoter of healthy lifestyles P. Bragg spent the longest time of the year in starvation in the spring.

how to maintain weightWith the spring and winter are completed most of the Holidays. Moreover, according to emergency workers, it is Easter – the most intense day of overeating in the year.

How to Maintain Weight for the Vacation time?

No wonder that after such a “feast-fun” during the winter- here they are the pounds added up in the spring.

   All of a sudden, a certain lady,  decides to open up her wardrobe in May only to discover that her summer clothes from last year got smaller.

   You can buy new outfits – it’s not a problem. But the figure from the last year will not come back with just a couple of new dresses, will it..?




how to maintain weight diet

What can I do to bring my weight to normal, and how to maintain weight?

Of course, there are a lot of ads from the series “Lose weight fast.” Note the wording – “Lose Weight For Summer”!

   This suggests that weight gain in the  winter-spring period is a serious problem for many.

Of course, these ads may be offered a variety of techniques, including adventure, hazardous and dangerous.

   Particularly attracted by promises  to lose weight  of 2 lbs per day!

   Just because of the energy balance of the body, you can not expect to throw 200 grams of fat per day and to make them disappear.

I think I can  Lose 2 pounds a day, but how can I maintain weight after?

   Generally, it is possible to lose weight fast, even up to 2 pounds a day, but you will not burn fat. You will lose water content mainly and  not in the desired tissue.

When you understand the methods and options the lady has chosen.

For example, a rigid diet, with which she was able, albeit painfully  to lose weight.

   She had to lose weight fast just before the departure. She is Happy now and she is leaving for the resort. And then what?

Breakfast – a full gratification of his body, including food. But, of course, if this lady after the harsh strict diet will pamper herself with cakes and ice cream, then it will fall back to the old overweight.

   How do we avoid this “holiday” weight recovery?

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