How to Maintain Weight – Healthy Lifestyle for Weight Loss.

What about those who do not want to live a healthy lifestyle, and intend to return to the old, familiar way of  life and eating habits?

how to maintain weightHere comes  third way – to organize the transition from a strict diet to a normal diet.

So, How to maintain weight after the the diet is over?





   After the end of unloading the body remembers your its previous weight and is  trying to get it back.

In this case, you must give him time, so that it can “forget” about its background.

   Duration of transition period should be 2 (or more) times greater than the duration of the diet alone.

 During the transition period you should eat a little less than that required for the equilibrium of the diet.

Evaluate your physiological needs by using the energy calculation, and then specify a value by observing your diet and weight.

And I would like to mention the option of “weight loss recovery resort.”

How to maintain weight – what is the best time to start with the “training?”

“Training” to this kind of recovery begins in the winter. So it turns out that the major weight gain, people get is in the winter-spring period.

   On the one hand, this is due to the peculiarities of physiology of the human body in this season (cold and short daylight hours).

   But on the other hand, the majority of holidays falls exactly at this point in time. But even the ancient Greek philosopher said: “Celebration – equals a reason to indulge.”
   The first celebration of this period – November-Thanksgiving .

   Then more holidays are coming, Christmas, News Year.., feasts continue with the beginning of the new year…, the more you going to have to step on pedals to Lose weight.

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