How to Lose Weight in Your Thighs Diet and Exercise.

how to lose weight in your thigs

Exercise and Diet to Lose Weight Plan How to Lose Weight in your Thighs.

The Goal  – to make sure that your hips are flexible and graceful.

Eliminate alcohol from your diet, coffee and fatty foods. Go to the fruit, especially watermelon recommend: it takes great  excess amount fluid from the body. Every day, eat half of watermelon or melon and add to this the three following snacks:

a) 150 mushrooms, grilled, boiled potato, a, a big portion of mixed salad;
b) two well-done steak with grilled tomato, two tablespoons of corn kernels;
a) 50 g of any unsweetened cereal, one cup of yogurt diet.

Exercise: Lie on your back, arms stretched along the body, palms down. Raise your left leg up, a little bend in the knee and move it to the right knee touching the floor. Return to starting position, slowly straighten the knee. Do the same with his right foot. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

And one more tip: Do not get carried away too tight jeans – they spoil the shape.


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