How to Lose Weight In Week – what should my diet and exercise?

At lunch you can eat 150 grams of boiled fish or meat. Meat – chicken, rabbit, turkey. Fish – hake, sole and other fish are low in fat. In addition, you can eat a salad without salt, seasoned with lemon juice.

It is poshow to lose weight in a week, lose weight in a weeksible that on the third day of observance of this fast diet you do not want to eat no fish, no meat – just “in the throat does not enter.”

Then we can replace meat 150 grams cherry or strawberry. Dinner is replaced by glass infusion of soothing herbs.

How to Lose 10 pounds in a WeekDay 3&4 Diet.

There can be only cooked rice (without salt and sugar) and only drink tomato juice. Boiled rice is highly unpleasant to the taste and calories at the same time. So when all you want, you can not eat much.

On the last day of the diet is assumed to drink a bottle of wine throughout the day.

Pleasant ending, right?
Fast diet number 4. Breakfast: a glass of water 5 drops of lemon juice 1 tablespoon honey.

How To lose Weight Ina week – the Lunch menu:          

This “nectar” must quickly drink, and after 10-15 minutes you can drink unsweetened tea or coffee. Lunch: boiled meat and vegetables. All products are free of salt and sugar.

By weight your eaten lunch, you should not exceed 500g. Agree, this is quite a lot.

But the dinner … fabulous dish: take 200gramm cabbage and cook for 20 minutes in a small amount of water (water should be enough to cabbage was only slightly covered, but not swim).

When cabbage is cooked, pour the broth and drink … Do not eat cabbage. If bedtime unbearably hungry, you drink a glass of nonfat yogurt.

To sustain this diet is difficult, but the result is impressive: it is possible to lose weight like 10 lbs. in 4 days …
Helping yourself to lose weight is the first step to better Health.


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