How to Lose Weight in a Week-Simple Diets to Lose Weight Fast

Good Tips on How to Lose Weight!

Simple Diets to help you Lose 10 pounds in a Week –How to Lose Weight in a Week

Diet of the poor“, or- water and biscuits

Awful, heavy, but very effective diet. Her point is that within a week you eat mostly water and green tea rather weak (tea a day can drink no more than 1.5 liters, non-carbonated water – in any quantity). Better if the fluid is warm. As soon as the famine looked up – drink a glass of water. In addition, the day allowed to eat crisps and 2.1 cup of green salad (no dressing, salt and spices), once every two days – a simple cup of vegetable soup (no cereal, potatoes, pasta, etc.). The result – minus 10-16 pounds.

How to Lose Weight in a Week with the”Diet model,” or cheese and tea

A diet designed for four days. The plan is this: in the morning you eat a boiled egg (no salt) with a glass of tea, for dinner – 200 gr cheese (no sour cream, and other additives) and tea for dinner (no later than 18.00) – same thing. Non-carbonated water can be drunk in any quantity. Total – minus 3-5 lbs.

Diet Spring,” or soup all day

Relatively democratic and even devoid of sweetness diet – breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days to eat vegetable soup. Necessarily the same – if time and energy permit, you can prepare a separate soup for every meal. Soup eat without bread and cook in vegetable broth or water, without meat. In between – the warm water. Lost 4-8 pounds.


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