How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy - What to Eat After Pregnancy.

Diet and Exercise After Pregnancy - How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy.

There are several reasons for the gaining of weight during pregnancy:

First, the norm is considered that the  mother should eat as much as possible – “for two”. Many women during pregnancy have to monitor the balanced diet and allow yourself to relax, it needs to justify future baby.

Secondly, the woman “in position” is often far less moving, that comes from the idea food energy is not to be wasted. In addition, the pregnancy – is always stressful, the restructuring of all body systems.

Included is a special mechanism for protecting the future of your baby is actively developing fatty tissue in the abdomen, waist and hips.

Third, the acquisition of obesity may depend on the inheritance. Genes are largely responsible for the type of your figure. If one of your parents tend to be overweight, and it increases the likelihood that you’ll be overweight.

And it increases even more if the extra weight is both of your parents. However, although heredity and affects your tendency to gain weight or thinness, what you inherit from your parents is not an exact weight, but only the range of possibility.

Then it all depends on your diet and physical activity. How to lose weight after pregnancy?Unfortunately, we inherit only a tendency to be overweight, but temporal trends in weight gain.

And if your parent is 30 years old was pretty slim, and the age of 50 gained the extra pounds, remember this in advance and take appropriate action. Tendency to gain weight and fat distribution layers during pregnancy and immediately after it is almost always genetically determined.


Finally, weight gain during pregnancy can cause fluid retention, as well as some obstetrical problems such as preeclampsia – a condition in which, among other symptoms and signs marked fluid retention.

Statistics are grim: about 20% of young girls, 40% of women aged 30 years and almost half of women aged 40 are overweight and associated problems.

Why do some remain slim, no matter what, while others are struggling with every extra kilogram?

The thing is calories. The balance between the burned and stored as fat calories depend on various factors. You should know that before asking the question “How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy“.

If you burn all the calories consumed – your weight is stable. But if you eat more than you burn, the “extra” calories go straight to your fat stores.

Are the above factors, which can determine whether you have a tendency to rapid weight gain. And if this trend exists, you can adjust not until it’s too late.


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