How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy Weight Loss and Exercise after Pregnancy.

Exercise and Diet After Giving BirthHow to Lose Weight After Pregnancy.

About a month after childbirth you can begin more serious training, for example in general, no power simulators, such as the exercise bike, elliptical trainer or treadmill.

If you have the opportunity to briefly leave the baby, go to a sports club for yoga, dancing and other exercises for women health.

Training that is suitable swimming, which relieve your back. Enter the training mode gradually – it is not necessary from the very beginning to take on himself the excessive load.

Results to be noticed and cause a desire to continue training, you can withdraw its basic dimensions and maintain their control, once a month.

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What Food to pick and How to Lose weight after Pregnancy

We now turn to the topic of food. First, where to start – is to follow the diet. Quality of food does not actually affect the amount of milk.

The widespread opinion that the nursing mother should eat a lot of fatty foods to increase milk fat and always drink tea with milk or cream – this is no more than unfounded prejudice.

Better just before each feeding to drink enough of them. Fluid intake should be at least 2 liters a day.

Nursing mother is recommended to split meals in small portions 5-6 times a day. The last meal should be 4 hours before bedtime.

Instead of dinner, you can drink kefir,have yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt fat 2.5, or 1%. But breakfast can not be excluded.

Tips: How to lose weight after  pregnancy – do not try dishes during their preparation..:)

Exclude from the diet  fried and fatty. Cook meals in the main boiled, bake them in the oven or, better yet, cook for a couple of people.


Now there are a lot of models Steamers:  they do not have to follow, and  they do not burn the food.

It is desirable that the daily diet consisted ½ fruits and vegetables. Fresh. Boiled and steamed vegetables without fat -try to include at each meal.

Now there are many sold frozen mixes – it’s quick, tasty and healthy. All the vitamins in mixtures subjected to quick-frozen, stored in large quantities.

Than vegetables, frozen at home. Only when breastfeeding should check the contents of a mixture of beans and avoid causing gassy.

Fruit should be excluded from the bananas and grapes because of their calorie content.

Dairy products and How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy.

The benefits of dairy products is invaluable for both weight loss and for proper lactation.In dairy products eliminate the sour cream, as the high-calorie product.

Cheese, which also contains lots of calories, you should not give up, because it is an important source of calcium needed  for the nursing mother.

To lose weight eat only low fat foods: kefir, yogurt and milk are not more than 1% fat cottage cheese – no more than 5%, cheese – a maximum of 30%.

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