How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy - Diet and Exercise after Pregnancy.


Exercise and Diet after Pregnancy and How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy.

Weight over 26 kg, recruited during pregnancy, and keeping excess weight within 6 months after delivery are the factors of long-term obesity, as ten years old is not thrown off the weight usually recruited more pounds eight.

All this turns into endocrine disruption, which is difficult to cope on their own.

Dangerous than obesity?

How to lose weight after pregnancy – pregnancy brings problems such as back pain as a result of the increased load on the spine, strengthening of varicose veins and cellulite, obesity, dangerous occurrence and adding the more serious diseases such as hypertension (its leading symptom is high blood pressure.

Yet, there are always solutions-either some good health remedies ot other means to get rid of some extra fat after giving birth and keep up womens health in pristine shape.




how to lose weight after pregnancy

That leads to a change in the work of many organs and systems).

It may also be diabetes or increase blood cholesterol levels. These phenomena are collectively called “metabolic syndrome”. This syndrome leads to a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the diagnosis of “metabolic syndrome” is placed if the patient has at least three of the following symptoms:

obesity (waist circumference 88 cm for women, men – 102);
high blood pressure (over 130/85 mm Hg);
high blood sugar on an empty stomach (more than 5.6 mmol / l);
elevated levels of triglycerides in the blood (more than 1.7 mmol / l);
reduction of high density lipoproteins (less than 1 mmol / L – in men and less than 1.3 mmol / L – women).

Treatment of obesity after birth and How to Lose weight after pregnancy?

How to lose weight after having baby, especially  obesity is particularly acute for young mothers immediately after birth.

During the period of breastfeeding  no radical methods (strict diet, medications for weight loss surgery) are recommended to try. The main thing is -it isuseless, since it is usually thrown off so quickly the weight comes back.

The skin becomes loose and sag. It is possible to “earn” endocrine disruption, which will then need to have long-term cure.

Take the pills, laxatives, teas, which are derived from the body fluid only, also during breast-feeding is not recommended because they are not good for health.

We therefore consider the “slow” method of weight loss. When using it, you need to lose about 250 – 400 g per week. This is very similar pattern of weight gain during pregnancy, only in reverse.

Of course, will not be easy, because they themselves- childbirth and pregnancy are related to changes in hormonal levels, which is fully stabilized only 2 years after birth.

Then there are two natural principles to follow in order to complete  if you ask yourself the question: “How to Lose Weigh after pregnancy“?

1.Eat less and move more.

2.Let’s start with an adequate motor load.

What kind of exercise should  nursing mother do? Of course, exhausting gym classes are contraindicated, especially before the actual feeding.

But the “exercise with a mop and a vacuum cleaner” would be very welcome.

How to lose weight after pregnancy suits walking with a stroller in an intense pace, which contribute to lactation (fresh air stimulates milk production), and a small charge for tightening of the muscles.

Choose the right set of movements independently from books and magazines, or buy a special tape with exercises for new mothers.

Begin to do 2-3 times a week. If you find it hard to carve out an hour for a full workout, break it into 15 minute segments and perform throughout the day. You can do 15 minutes daily morning exercises.


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