How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy and How to get Back in Shape.

Exercise and Food after PregnancyHow to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Meat and meat products- nursing mother can eat only once a day – for breakfast or lunch.

Meat also provides the necessary proteins. Should be excluded sausages, sausages and other meat products because of the high fat content.

Do not give up on cereals – oatmeal with water or skim milk. Their use reduces the risk of allergy in a child who is breastfed. Among the useful low-calorie foods – whole grain bread, brown rice.

Instead of “bite” you can drink a cup of green tea without sugar or just water. Carbonated soft drinks such as cola, it is better to avoid: in addition to sugar and caffeine they contain a lot of absolutely no use to a young mother’s colors, flavors or preservatives.

You must completely abandon the salty, fried, smoked, spicy, canned food, chocolate and alcohol. Apply the “ban” on the nuts and seeds: with a couple of handfuls of nuts you unwittingly get almost half of daily calories and fat significantly exceeded the limit.

Should also limit the baking and flour: they can be a little (for example, a bun every 2-3 days in the morning).

To follow “how to lose weight after pregnancy” the you should be limited to 1500-2000 calories a day.

If you are low and fragile, stick to the lower limit of normal. A handsome, big on the nature of women should eat about 2,000 calories a day. But we should not eat less than 1,200 calories.

For people who consume less than this amount of calories, the metabolic rate slows down more than 45%. Fats should constitute no more than a quarter of the total caloric intake.

Daily Calories Intake and How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

Adhering to the norms of 1,500 calories daily, you can get no more than 40 grams of pure fat. For reference, in 1 liter of 1% of yogurt, as well as in a tablespoon of vegetable oil contains 10 g of lipids (fats). A bar of milk chocolate “give” you as much as 70 grams of pure fat.

As already mentioned, the optimal weight loss – 250-500 g per week. If you are reducing calories and increasing physical activity does not decrease body weight, you should go to an endocrinologist and get tested for hormones. Fast weight loss also requires a reference to an endocrinologist.

I‘d love to touch the opposite theme. Now, when we are shown a screen of women and girls incredible thinness, it is important not to lose yourself and do not rush, with youthful enthusiasm to Lose weight. You can not lose weight by more than 2 pounds per month.

The Most important thing to remember when asking yourself “How to Lose Weight After pregnancy”.

The main thing – grow thin naturally, in no case will not stop breast-feeding, which affects the health of your child. And do not be discouraged if you do not immediately go to Lose weight. The main thing – perseverance and faith in yourself.


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