How to Lose Body Fat – Burn Extra Fat and Weight Loss.

Weight loss is for many the main reason why they want to follow a fitness program.

   We have good and bad news for these people. We will need to begin with the bad news: a well defined fitness regime to follow, can increase your weight!

The good news is that muscles weigh more than body fat.

   So if you follow a fitness program as you build more and stronger muscles, the scales indicate more likely than before. But it is also true that your clothes fit better, because your body is tighter and better shaped.

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How to Lose Body Fat and energy consumption of the Body!

And we have good news: muscles use more energy than body fat. So even if you are not exercising, your body consumes more energy!

   Even a relatively easy exercise program provides many benefits: each muscle being developed, consumes more energy at rest!

   Ideal for any busy family men and career women, who usually little time to free up an extensive fitness schedule.

  How to Lose Body Fat – The truth about weight loss.

Suppose that two women, Ann and Jenny, each wants to lose weight of 20 lbs.

An alive two months on a very strict, unhealthy diet, they starve themselves and if they eat something, they are unhealthy things.

   Losing weight is no problem: the scale indicates nicely after 2 months of 20 lbs. less. What An not realize is that her body is mostly muscle and water loss.

   The 20 lbs (and probably a few pounds more) will of course quickly add up.

   Another negative point is that her metabolism has slowed, the muscle in her body is considerably diminished, allowing the body to burn less energy at rest.

   This means that she can eat less than before, if  wants to maintain her weight. Weight loss was relatively easy, keeping the weight off is another matter.

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