How to Lose Body Fat – Stop Storing Fat.

1. Stop storing fat in order for your Body to figure how to Lose Body Fat.

   Your body sees no food, but your eyes do. It is very difficult to resist food in a society where you are constantly reminded of food advertising on television, in magazines, shopping centers, cinemas, etc.

   Everywhere we are confronted with food, and many can not resist.

how to lose body fat, how to burn fat

How to Lose Body Fat – How Many Calories do you consume?

But remember that if you want to reduce body fat and lose weight, your best stop storing fat.

   You do this by the number of calories you consume, and reduce them.

How many calories should you consume per day now?

   There is a good rule of thumb to calculate this: take your target weight and multiply by 20.

   Suppose you currently weighs 90 kilograms, but you want to lose weight 15 kg, 75 kg to weigh.

   Then you about 75kg x 20 = 1500 calories per day eating.

Keep in mind that your calorie intake is not too drastically.

How to Lose Body Fat – how much should I really Eat?

   If you eat too little, your body switches over to “survival mode”.

   Your body thinks: “what is going on here, I get so much food? I will only part of the food store as fat as a reserve for the future. “Overeating is not healthy, but too little food is not healthy to mention.

   Remember that having a hunger signal from your body, what it means that it needs food.

Today there are perfectly safe products on the market that prevent the storage of body fat.

   During our extensive search, we found an interesting combination, ie a fat package consisting of high quality protein

shakes, combined with a book of guidelines to increase your fat burning.

The proteins improve body composition. The ratio of body fat compared to muscle is thus increased.

   As we have seen, muscles consume more energy than fat, so the higher the ratio of muscle / fat, the more energy your body burns at rest.

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