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How to Lose 50 pounds in 3 months Diet diet is based on the principle of separate meal. The authors allow the diet during the day to eat certain foods such as breakfast, however, is intended to be fruit.

   Thing about this diet is that it lets sweet. With this diet is intended to lose weight to 50  pounds in 3 months. Those 90 days in the diet is divided into four daily cycles in which food is as follows:

Menu for the How to Lose 50 pounds in 3 months Diet

    1 day of protein (meat and dairy products, supplemented by vegetables and a small slice of bread)

    2 days starches (complex carbohydrates such as legumes, cereals and root crops and vegetables)

    3 days carbohydrates (sweets are permitted, cakes and pastries without added milk and eggs, and for dinner – sweets, like cakes, ice cream, chocolate)

    4 days vitamins (you can eat only fruits, nuts and seeds if you can combine them with vegetables).

Every 29 days a day of unloading (90 days, a total of 3 available). head days are not allowed to eat but to drink only pure non-carbonated water.

   After a day of unloading should follow the day and then vitamin protein.

There are following requirements for the regime of 90 daily diet

    Meals must be made between the hours of 12 to 20 hours.
    Breakfast should be light, it always consists of fruit and non caloric drinks.
    During the day should drink at least 2 liters of water.
    Main meal should be lunch and dinner eat 2 times less than lunch.
    Between feedings in acute starvation can eat a fruit.

Allow products in 90 daily diet (except for fruit for breakfast):

Protein day

    Any meat (beef, pork, chicken, rabbit, turkey …).

    Any fish and seafood.


    Cheese, cottage cheese, all dairy products.

    Cup broth (from cubes can).

    All kinds of vegetables in any form, except for starch.

    Moreover, during lunch can eat a piece of black bread.

Carbohydrates  days:

    Any legumes: beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils and soybeans.

    Rice, pearl barley, buckwheat and other cereals.

    All vegetables, including potatoes.

    Vegetable broth.

    Moreover, during lunch can eat a piece of black bread.

Carbohydrate days

    Flour products: bread, pasta, biscuits, pizza base.

    Cereals: buckwheat, barley, millet and others.

    All vegetables, tomato sauce and spices.

    Candy for dinner: 1 patty or 3 small cookies or a handful of small biscuits or 3 scoops of ice cream.

    Plate dark chocolate for dinner.

Vitamin days

    Fruit of any kind, you can add sugar.

    Dried fruit, better pre-soaked in water (you can even drink water).

    Nuts and seeds (25 g-portion).

    Fruit and vegetable juices.

    Fresh vegetables.

If you follow a strict regime  of the “How to Lose 50 pounds in 3 months” Diet you will lose weight quite substantially.

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