How to Lose 50 Pounds in 3 months – Weight Loss Tips.

 I thinkhow to lose 50 pounds in 3 months fat I should also note that although I was 50 pounds over weight when I told people that I am on a diet, often said: “. You do not need to diet”

  I found this surprising because I was obviously overweight. Note that you probably hear similar comments.

How to Lose 50 Pounds in 3 months – how I did it!



   I found it easier to simply accept the “compliment” than to try my diet in order to justify them. Note that it is on a diet for you and that you do not need to justify itself.

Not eating on the weekends:
This is another unconventional advice. I was able to lose 50 pounds without dieting on the weekends.

   I found myself tired, depressed and unmotivated when I wanted to continue my diet into the weekend.

   I felt that Friday and Saturday (my weekend) to celebrate a time of 5 days after a diet. You can not find this necessary, especially in the first few weeks of dieting.

   But how many weeks passed, the weekend was time for me to celebrate my weekly successes and prepared myself mentally for another five-day diet. I thought it was a psychological boost.

 How to Lose 50 Pounds in 3 months – Do not sacrifice your life for your diet.
Occasionally, you will not be able to eat healthy. Whether this is due to lunch with your team at work, birthdays or special occasions, it is events that you just can not (or will not) eat healthy.

   A diet is overwhelming when you sacrifice to special events in your life. The way I fought that one day, I had not had before, nutrition exchange at the weekend.

   In other words, if I did not diet on Tuesday, for example, I diet on Saturday instead.

Tip on How to Lose 50 Pounds in 3 months – Take the small changes.
This is a pretty common tip, but I have a turn too. Instead of giving up what most diets say, you should give up (soda, coffee, beer, caffeine, etc.) to make healthier choices only.

   I did not want to give up everything, so I decided to make some changes take place. The first switch was made I, Diet Coke switching.

   Do not worry, you’ll quickly get used to the taste. Before I started my diet, I swore I would never drink diet soda. Now, thanks to my friend, the food is the only soda I drink.

   The second switch was made I drink black coffee. Cut the cream and sugar, and you receive the benefits of coffee (caffeine) without the calories.

   The last major turn  I made was to get on, “healthy” beer. I’m Miller Lite drinker, but by a temporary switch to Premier Light Beck (60 calories per serving) I could still enjoy a healthy social life while maintaining my diet.

How to Lose 50 Pounds in 3 months – What else can I do?

Besides the production of small changes in your diet make small changes in your life: park further away to go to the end of the platform and do not last in the last car to a vow and a lift for a whole week.

   I found it to be advantageous to wear a pedometer and try for myself how far I could for one day to compete on foot.

   The farthest I went in one day was 6.5 miles. I went voluntarily to work twice a week.

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