How to Lose 5 pounds in a Week - Minted Water Diet

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  The Diet uses a water drink with melted mint. This Diet will help you to lose weight 5 pounds in a week, even less than a week time.

Causes of rapid weight loss:

Clear water helps melt the pounds quickly because there are negative kalorii.Za processing of 500 g is consumed 50 calories. Water has other qualities – dulls hunger and discarded posters from the body.
Recipe for minted water:

2 liters of water
Fresh ginger, grated
1 medium size cucumber, cut into rings
1 medium lemon, cut into slices
12 mint leaves
These ingredients are placed in a big cup .  Let it  stand overnight in refrigerator to blend all flavors, and then is ready for consumption. Drink one cup at each meal. Now you know How to Lose 5 pounds in a week and stay Healthy!


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According to “The Wall Street Journal,” The Flat Belly Diet — often referred to as The Sassy Water Diet — has received widespread attention because it promises users reduced weight with no exercise. The diet limits calories to 1,600 per day and focuses on maintaining the amount of food in your digestive system. Followers are encouraged to consume up to 10 glasses daily of a recipe referred to as sassy water.

Sassy Water Guidelines

The Flat Belly Diet directs you to drink sassy water for four days before starting the diet to allow your body time to lose excess water. The diet’s creators, Liz Vaccariello and Cynthia Sass, labeled the water “sassy” because of its “perky taste.” The recipe for sassy water includes grated ginger and mint leaves, along with a cucumber and lemon. Users are told to combine the ingredients in a large jug and then chill overnight so the flavors can blend.

Health Benefits

Proponents of the diet maintain that ginger in sassy water helps your digestion and can reduce your risk of constipation, while lemon works as a natural diuretic and promotes a healthy pH balance. Cucumbers contain erepsin, an enzyme that helps your body digest protein and also supports the health of your kidneys due to their diuretic properties. Chemicals in mint leaves also support digestion.


To avoid the challenge of drinking the eight to 10 glasses of sassy water encouraged in The Flat Belly Diet, try drinking smaller portions at 30-minute intervals. Your body uses about 70 calories to process eight glasses of ice water, so maximize your results by keeping the sassy water ice cold. The diet requires you to eliminate coffee and soda, which increases the likelihood of caffeine withdrawal as your sassy water consumption begins. Drink sassy water in a champagne flute or your favorite glass to make the process fun




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