How to Lose 20 pounds in a WeekHealthy Recipes for Weight Loss.

   how to lose 20 pounds in a week Diet #1- Grapefruits an potatoes.

(4 days and lost 3 lbs)

With this kind of diet to lose weight quickly are allowed to eat eggs, fruit and vegetables.

Breakfast – grapefruit juice, 1 boiled egg + coffee or tea with lemon
Dinner – boiled, baked or mashed potato, 1, + apple tea or coffee with a lemon
Dinner – tomato juice, half a grapefruit, 1 boiled egg + tea with lemon

How to Lose Weight Fast Recipes – How to Lose 20 pounds in a Week.

We are going to look over some Diets To shed Weight.  

How to Lose 20 pounds in a Week Diet № 2 – Watermelon diet:

(5 days and lost  10 lbs)

Menu :watermelon diet:
Breakfast – porridge of any kind and a slice of cheese (bread and butter is prohibited)
Dinner – small and low-fat piece of meat or fish cooked + or stewed vegetables
Dinner – watermelon (each of your 30 kg. Allow you to eat 1 kg of watermelon)


Diet #3 of How to Lose 20 pounds in a Week Buckwheat Diet

(7 days and lost 6-8 lbs)

This version of the weight loss diet is for a week. At night, pour a glass of buckwheat 2  cups boiling water and leave until morning.

From morning to begin a diet. Only allowed to eat cooked the night portion of buckwheat, which is divided by the desired number of meals. From drinks are allowed only herbal teas, green tea and yogurt.


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