How to Lose 20 pounds in a Week – Lose Weight Fast!

There is a diet that provides rapid weight loss to 20 pounds. This diet, calculated on 6 days, is known as a Fruit Diet.

how to lose 20 pounds in a week

   During this period you need to consume 1 pounds fruit to your liking. Liquids should be limited to 500 ml per day, as the fruit will ferment in the intestines.

This “How to Lose 20 pounds in a Week” Diet is as follows:

Day 1-2 pounds. fruit, Day 2-3 pounds., Day 3-4 pounds., Day 4-4 pounds., Day 5-3 pounds. Day  6-2 pounds.

To keep the results of rapid weight loss from this diet, experts recommend that it be held once a year.

Another  “ How to Lose 20 pounds in a Week” Diet

There is another diet that guarantees rapid weight loss, but unless you get rid of excess pounds, will cleanse your body of toxins.

  This is Watermelon diet. Not yet come season of watermelons, but you can save it now to try it out this summer.

  Nutrition during Watermelon diet should be 5-6 times a day. This mode will follow, say, 5-7 days. Quantity watermelon, which is allowed to eat is 1 pound per 10 pounds body weight. So if you weigh 160 pounds, you may eat 16 pounds ahead of time, which will keep on the diet.

If you decide to follow Watermelon diet for more than 5-7 days, you should switch to the menu 1-2 slices of rye bread a day.

Watermelon diet will get rid of the accumulated dross, excess water and unwanted salts in the body. The effectiveness of this diet is quite high. In less than a week to you will get rid of 6 to 10 pounds, and if you continue with the rye bread – will reach 10 pounds lost.

If you decide to do the ” How to Lose 20 pounds in a Week” diet or whatever diet you take on, note that before that you should consult your personal doctor or dietitian.


Now you know How to Lose 20 pounds in a Week! Just Make it Happen!

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