How to Lose 20 pounds in 3 weeksLose Weight Fast and Safe.

 how to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks slimming

Healthy Weight Loss Recipes – How to Lose 20 pounds in 3 Weeks.

The Hollywood Diet. Many of us have always wanted to have the same shape as the stars of Hollywood cinema and show business. Today I will reveal you the secret of that. Credo of the diet is the postulate of breakfast, we reject once and for all.

I do not know how much much it will affect your health, but can say with confidence – this is a diet of choice for many Hollywood stars, why ca not we do the same? Even more,  thanks to it we will lose 12-20 lbs for 2-3 weeks.

Now you will find a list of what will be your food for the next three weeks. I will give you food for one week. The next two weeks you eat the same way as in the previous one.

Menu: How to Lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks.

Day 1:
Lunch – 1 egg, 1 tomato, black coffee.
Dinner – 1 egg, green salad, 1 grapefruit.

Day 2:
Lunch – 1 egg, black coffee, grapefruit.
Dinner – beef, baked without fat on the grid, cucumber, black coffee.

3rd day:
Lunch – 1 egg, 1 tomato, sautéed spinach.
Dinner – a veal fillet, baked without fat on the grid, cucumber, black coffee.

Day 4:
Lunch – green salad, black coffee, 1 grapefruit.
Dinner – 1 egg, cottage cheese, sautéed spinach and tea.

Day 5:
Lunch – 1 egg, sautéed spinach, black coffee.
Dinner – lean fish, baked on a wire rack, green salad, black coffee.

Day 6:
Lunch – fruit salad with apples, oranges and grapefruits.
Dinner – beef, roasted on a lattice, cucumber, and tea.

Day 7:
Lunch – vegetable soup, chicken, baked on a wire rack, tea, orange.
Dinner – a fruit salad.



Not much difficult? But we have so long dreamed of a beautiful and slim figure, that for us to take on some 3 weeks to apply the “How to Lose 20 pounds in a 3Weeks” diet is not a problem.

After 3 weeks, should be a couple of months to return to a normal diet (not Strive). I wish you success in overcoming the three-week marathon. Get The Health benefits of it, too.


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