How to Lose 15 pounds – Cabbage Soup Weight Loss

cabbage soup recipesThis Diet will purify the body and during the diet you will not feel tired.

BASIC SOUP 1 large cabbage, 6 leeks, but maybe onions, 2 fleshy peppers, maybe frozen, tomato juice, salt, pepper, curry, parsley, Vitamin C. All products are finely chopped and soaked in water.

Round in 10 minutes to boil over high heat, then a quiet, until the vegetables are not soft.

   Soup has no calories so can eat when you feel like. Eat  as much as you want and at any time.

   No matter how much soup you are eating, you will burn it all out.

   No more fat not just eat it because you can get to malnutrition.
BANNED! Use of alcohol. You can not drink again 24 hours after you finish the diet.

   It is forbidden to eat bread, sodas and fried food.

   In 3 days days of commencement of the regime will have more power than before. If you want to repeat, pause of 2 days.
First day: soup and fruits without bananas.

Drink water and tea without sugar as much as you want.
Second day: soup and vegetables. Eat while enhanced fresh or cooked vegetables, beans and corn.

For free lunch can not afford a big baked potato with butter. During  this day do not eat fruit.
Third day: soup, fruit and vegetables without potatoes.

  If you are properly adhered to the diet to this day you have lost 6 lbs. weight.
Fourth day: Soup, bananas and milk. During the days day you eat 6 bananas.

 Bananas and milk contain many calories and carbohydrates, and milk, but just that day, calories, carbohydrates and proteins will reduce your desire for something sweet .
Fifth day: soup, beef and tomatoes. You can to eat 600 grams 300.

   veal, boiled in salted water and 6 fresh tomatoes. Drink up  at least 6-8 glasses of water to stop the hear. Eat soup at least once a day.
Sixth day: soup, veal, grilled fish or chicken and vegetables as you like.

Seventh day: soup, vegetables and boil rice. Soak the Rice longer than usual in some water, you can add salt and tomato juice and vegetable juice. Drink or eat soup at least once.

I hope I was helpful! Good luck with the diet-now you know how to Lose 15 pounds!


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