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How To Lose Weight Fast – my Journey with How to Lose 15 pounds in a WeekDiet Plan

The turning point in the difficult path to weight loss. Begins the fourth day. The previous three had already passed. And this, I tell you, quite a lot. Now we have more or less got used to the rhythm, and nothing we can not deviate from the target.

Losing weight – how in the word beautiful it sounds!!! This new look and much improved health. You can walk to the end and say ” I believe in myself”!

A little step back and lifting your mood moral, move to the fourth day of my diary. As I said initially, I will describe in detail what happened to me all these 7 days, for which I lost … I wonder how much?Uh,… later, you’ll find out. And now I am moving on. I got up at 8:00 in the morning.

From the window of their way spring up the sun. I totally forgot to say that now is the month of April. And losing weight is just very helpful. Approaching summer…. You of course,  understand what it is like….

How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Week – Yeahhhhh, time for Breakfast..!

So breakfast. I think you might have guessed that we would have. More precisely drink. That’s right – 2 cups of yogurt. This, I already hated the liquid. Well, nothing is left to suffer more , what else..?.

And besides, I was gradually getting used to it. And reassure myself that it’s very useful and contributes to the whole how to lose weight project…:). And I have already developed a slogan: “Want to lose weight – drink kefir.”

So I had breakfast. Hunger will not leave. Basically, I’m beginning to get used to this feeling. Gradually it fades into the background, if anything to do. And I started my home chores, trying to escape from thinking about food.

How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Week – how to get my find from the food?

Cleaning the apartment is needed constantly, like laundry, cooking and ironing. The time for such activities is flying fast and silently. After a couple of hours, I went on another walk in the park.

First watch the Video! Do not repeat the same mistakes!


It has already become a tradition in those days, while I am on a diet. Fresh air is just what we needed. Spring in the whole play. How beautiful nature is at this time. Yes, there is something mysterious and not ordinary. This is some kind of magic. Felt as if I were reborn.

How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Week – so, how is my weight loss diet plan moving so far?

Best weight loss diet can work wonders. I’m losing weight, necessarily. For the week -15 pounds. This will be the case. Adjusts itself in such a way. And without this, no way. Attitude and motivation to help you, too. In any case it’s the cornerstone.

Take a walk, came back home. Again, this is not lagging behind hunger. Thank God, it’s near dinner time. But is not entitled to call at dinner that I’ll be there. Who knows. Perhaps someone so fed constantly.

But to me it’s very unusual. Forever look forward to your next meal. He is coming. I waited for him. Another portion of vegetables. The number you have yourself remember. 2 cups of yogurt, as always. It is  already even to hard look at it. But what can you do…?!

Depart later – it is necessary to continue the course of losing weight. While I was having dinner, it’s time the next series of the film, which I adore. She looked to him day and night.

After reviewing it, I noticed that has passed and another 1 hour. Time goes much slower than usual, because the thought of food is very rare retreat for a short time.
The evening was very traditional.

At the dinner menu was the same as yesterday. 300 grams of vegetables and 2 cups of yogurt. Again, some looked at the TV. And 30 minutes before I went to bed, drank a glass of wonderful lactic drink, the name is you guessed it…..:), it is all about the for the sake of Health!

Look forward to the fifth day of fast weight loss diet and my “How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Week” Path.

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