How to Lose 10 pounds in a week-Tips to Lose Weight Fast and Easy



Tips How to Lose Weight Fast and Safe How to Lose 10 pounds in a week

1. Do not skip meals. Skip one meal a day seems a reasonable way to get rid of a few kilograms. For example, stopped for breakfast (the usual breakfast – 500 calories), you seven days in 3500 cut the calories, equivalent to burning about 500.

The trouble is that you missed, usually making up for lunch. Because those who eat breakfast, eat more foods low in fat and higher carbohydrate content than those who skip breakfast. Breakfast may reduce the desire to have a snack high-calorie fatty foods.

If you skip meals, it slowed down your metabolism, which is usually faster to help the body digest food. If your body at rest burns 1600 kcal per day, then skipping breakfast, you burn 80 calories a day less. But if you eat breakfast, then speeds up metabolism and burn those 80 calories. After about 15 months you will be able to burn an additional 35 thousand calories, that is to lose about five pounds.

2. Twice a week, become a vegetarian. A scientist has discovered that diet and lifestyle changes can help to get rid of atherosclerosis, the fatty structures on the walls of blood vessels. But even he found the fact that a vegetarian diet low in fat, which he prescribed for cleansing the arteries, helping to reduce waist circumference. During the first year of observation by his patients lost an average of ten pounds. The result was unexpected, since most of the patients ate more. That is a candy bar and serve with fresh broccoli roughly the same number of calories. Eating candy bar, you are unlikely to be filled. But by eating broccoli, feel gorged.

Fortunately, to lose weight and have good health there is no need to constantly stay on a vegetarian diet. To start twice a week instead of meat with pasta eat vegetables: eggplant, mushrooms or peppers. Or, try beans and rice instead of sausage and beans. No meat diet twice a week will save you 550 calories a week, if not more – about 10 pounds for 16 months.

3. Follow the rule of “one to one.” Some of immoderate amounts absorb fat-free foods and foods low in fat. Unfortunately, they often contain lots of calories. People often perceive the label that tells about the low fat content, as the description says.


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