How to Lose 10 pounds in a Week – Quick Weight Loss!

This Diet plan for How to Lose 10 pounds in a Week can be used as often as you like.

The best part is that the Food is also the best natural remedies for many diseases and itches.                                                    


how to lose 10 pounds in a week


If you follow it correctly, you clear your body of toxins and help you feel better. After 7 days you will feel lighter by 8-10 pounds, you will feel more energetic.


1 or 2 cups chopped tomatoes.

3 or more green onions.

1 cup beef broth.

1 package vermicelli soup  “Lipton” (maybe another).

1 cluster of celery.

2 cups peas.

kg carrots around.

2 green peppers.

Spices are best wishes, salt, pepper, parsley, chilies, etc. Vegetables cut into small pieces and cover with water. Boil 10 minutes over high heat, then reduce heat and let it be boiled vegetables. Not more than 36 minutes

This soup can be eaten anytime you feel hungry during the week. It does not add calories. The more you eat the more you lose.


Tea (any herb you like)


Cornel juice

Skim milk


How to Lose 10 pounds in a Week – DAY 1:

Eat any fruit (except bananas). Melon and watermelon are the least calories of any fruit. Today, only eat fruits and soup.

How to Lose 10 pounds in a Week – DAY TWO:

Any vegetables. Eat until you are full with fresh, cooked or canned vegetables. Try to eat more fresh vegetables and avoid beans and corn. Eat them with soup. For dinner, you bake a large potato with butter. Now do not eat fruit.

How to Lose 10 pounds in a Week – THIRD DAY:

Eat all fruits, vegetables and soup today. No baked potato. If you eat these days as it is written and you are not “slack” should notice that you have lost 4-6 kg.

By the end of the Diet you will see how to lose 10 pounds in a week can be done.

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