How to Lighten Skin Tone Naturally using simple recipes!

 People who work or who spend most of the day in the sun,eventually will have their

 skin becomes dark, although the original tone of your skin is white.

How to Lighten Skin Tone Naturally

Like To Have Clear White Skin?

The sun will not only darken the skin but also will  make it dull and dry.

There is solution to it.

How to Lighten Skin Tone Naturally-use home remedies for Clear Skin!

Fortunately there are homemade recipes for how to lighten the skin of the face quickly.
How to lighten the skin of the face quickly?

Here are some home remedies you can make your skin returns to its original color and keep it nourished and hydrated.

If you want to get good results must be consistent with this natural treatment. The ingredients in these homemade health remedies very beneficial to having  beauty you want.

 How to Lighten Skin Tone Naturally with Potato juice:

Cut a piece of potato and rub all over the face, the little juice that contains the same is great for lightening the skin of the face quickly.

   How to Lighten Skin Tone Naturally-Milk and Honey mask:

In a bowl mix milk 5 tablespoons honey and 2, then apply over entire face, leave on for 15 minutes and then remove it with cold water.

  How to Lighten Skin Tone Naturally with Vitamin C Lotion:

  • Apply several times a day a fruit juice that is rich in vitamin C, it can be grapefruit, orange, lemon etc.

You can also dissolve a vitamin C tablet in half a glass of water and then apply it with gauze around the face.

 How to Lighten Skin Tone Naturally  with Milk  Cream:

Mix two tablespoons of milk powder, glycerin and two of hydrogen peroxide, then stir well to bind ingredients.

Finally apply the whitening cream home made circular movements.
This is applied once a day.

How to Lighten Skin Tone NaturallyExfoliate the skin with a loofah:

Wash the face gently with mild soap and loofah, it exfoliates the skin

and remove dark skin.

Now you just have to start using some of the recipes, and enjoy your great womens health!


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