5 tips on How to Last Longer for Men in Bed!

 Because of the amount present in this taboo subject, the problem of premature ejaculation (PE) is kept secret by many men because of feeling ashamed of their status or fear of not measuring up.

First, I will give you a piece of advise:

Get comfortable with your body and have lots of sex: Just like the point made above, once you get comfortable with your body and the act of having intercourse, your body automatically tunes itself for a rather long latency times with respect to ejaculation.




HOW TO LAst longer in bed for men power

How To Last Longer For Men – How Much Sex is Good?

It is in the past  this self-induced physical therapy of a little more sex than usual.

This has led many men who are challenged on how to find the right health remedies and treatment for  premature ejaculation.
They do not take the right steps to solve your problem, or do not seek a cure because they do not even  know the symptoms of premature ejaculation .

For this reason I designed this article to answer the basic questions you should know every man who suffers from this problem, to initiate treatment with full knowledge of their situation.

How to Last Longer For Men – the key points I have to know:

1./Premature Ejaculation What Is : It’s sexual dysfunction, in which man is unable to control his ejaculatory reflexes and because of this, experiencing rapid arousal, causing ejaculation to happen in a rush and involuntary.

2/ It’s the same talk about premature ejaculation?: These two terms are used interchangeably with the term being the PE, and  scientifically recognized to designate this dysfunction.

3/ A few men are affected by this problem? Current statistical studies show that approximately 30% of men suffer from it; each other sporadically, as usual. The concern is that this 30% to 95% does not take action to control premature ejaculation, although there are now excellent treatments for this problem completely accessible as you can find HERE.

Just think of how to prevent ejaculation is a problem that is transmitted to other generations?. Certainly require complex treatment and as you can see. 

How to Last Longer For Men – Extra Tip:

This is one the best exercises: At the top of the list is exercise, it includes: general exercise and specific perineum muscle exercises.

The perineum muscles are responsible for orgasms and by exercising them, you will develop more control over your body and when your ejaculate. Not to mention, general exercise will help increase self-esteem., boost mens health, and make you feel better.

For now I leave you with this. In the next issue will address the remaining 5 questions on the subject.

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