Ever Wondered How to Increase Your Penis Size?

    What should I do to lengthen the penis? What should I do to the penis is longer and thicker? How to draw the penis?

Can I extend only the glans penis? How to straighten your penis?

What value should be in the penis during adolescence? Is the big my penis? Not too thin, my penis?

With these and similar questions about the size and shape of the penis, it bends, I face at work every day, because for seven years, my professional life is connected with the size of the penis and the correction of its form.

How To Increase Your Penis Size – what time it will take to grow bigger?

    Now you can find many offers and advertisements that promise an impressive increase in the size of the penis for a short time.

    But do not believe it! It is impossible to rapidly increase the size of the penis.

Based on my practice, I can say that the maximum – it is 1 cm per month, a greater increase is unnatural and can damage your health.




how to increase your penis size enlargement

How To Increase Your Penis Size – what Increase in Size I should be expecting?

Yes, observed an exception when the application of my  method, the maximum increase of 1.5 cm for the first month, but this happened only with boys aged 14-16, with a further increase in the rate of decline.

And that is science-based reason.

    It is impossible to believe the opposite, and allegations of “penis enlargement pills“, which with regular use over several months allegedly will increase member.

I can tell – there is no magic pill for mens penis enlargement. These nutritional supplements or biologically active substances (and in fact this is how they are certified) are only approximate relation to penis enhancement.

How To Increase Your Penis Size – what are the main components of the Penis Enlargement Formula?

    In the process of penis enlargement pills can be used, but must be considered individually age, hormonal levels, sexual activity men of the tablets and many other factors.

    Continued use of these drugs can seriously disrupt the hormone system, upon termination of their use is usually greatly reduced level of natural male hormones and at the same time – the weakening of erection and mens libido, but it is a separate issue.

Try to find how to increase our penis size for the sake of your health.

how to increase your pens size naturally


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