How to Eat Healthy – Food to Lose Weight.

When you choose a bar instead, look for one with at least 3 grams of fiber (preferably 5) at least 5 grams protein (preferably 10 grams), low fat, no saturated as possible and those under 20 grams of sugar.

 how to eat healthy and slim

        To Lose Weight The Healthy Way



5. So, How to Eat Healthy?

Do not eat unless you are really hungry.

Several French scientists studied the effects of two types of snacks (one high in carbohydrates and one rich in protein), served several hours after lunch, 8 slender young men.

   The conclusion was that when people eat breakfast without being hungry, whether breakfast is rich in carbohydrates or proteins, this reduces the amount of calories you take to dinner.

   Researchers believe that this is evidence that snacks play a role in obesity.

Wondering why these men were not hungry a few hours after lunch? Researchers say that in France most people do not eat anything between lunch and dinner. Also note that people who normally eat three times a day do not get hungry within 5-7 hours after lunch.

6.How to Eat Healthy-snacks or not?

Avoid snacks with high fat content.

How to Eat Healthy – Healthy Foods.

There are many reasons why you should avoid fatty foods, including the ability to increase appetite.

   Researchers found that rats fed a regular diet rich in fat eventually develop a binge eating high-calorie, fatty foods, in contrast to rats fed low-calorie food.

   Researchers believe that this is associated with reduced sensitivity to the hormone that normally sends the message “stop eating” to the brain.

7. Watch TV with temptations.

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